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Daniel Casido
May 1, 2012
Rating for this model: Daniel Casido has been Rated 7.5 starsDaniel Casido has been Rated 7.5 stars Total Votes: 145
Photographer Rating: Daniel Casido has been Rated 6.6 starsDaniel Casido has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 114

Age:  20
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Czech Cuisine
Music:  Hip Hop
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20 year old Daniel Casideo comes to us from Prague, Czech Republic. Daniel is a full time student at the local university, where he is studying business management. He loves both watching and playing Soccer, but really enjoys all sports. Daniel is home alone and with the house to himself, he decides to take advantage of this time alone to jack off. He hops up on the bed and pushes his jeans and briefs down around his ankles, giving him easier access to give his uncut cock a good workout! He removes his t-shirt and begins rubbing his body with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. Daniel finishes undressing and gets down to business. He turns over on his stomach and begins rubbing his dick on the comforter, while showing us his smooth ass. On his knees and stroking, his cock stands both hard and tall, with a full ball sac to boot! Now laying on his back on the bed, Daniel feels like he's about to cum and he sure does, delivering a load on his upper chest, across his torso.
Latest Comments:
good looking guy.. nice cock and balls.. loved his hairy hole!
Daniel needs a partner to work with. Cute guy and nice cum shot. I love the dimples on his hot ass.
Nice boy. He should be more happy..++
ok time for some cute cut us dick. i know they work for pennies in cz ru etc but lets have some straight us dick
Its nice to see guys undress. Not just a clip dressed -> undressed!
He's adroable, and I love his cute little feet!
opps 10 BIG STARS!!
DREAMY KID. 5 Stars, Baby!
5/2/12--very nice I guess; can't go higher for chick Daniel, quintessence of average I'm afraid. Sperm at the collarbone but can barely imagine enuf velocity ti project it even that far. Try, try again, Dan for a shot that puts greater force and makes your sperm shot less laguid & more interesting--yawn!
Great guy! Thank you BP!
nice pubic hair and ass
If I bumped into Daniel on the way to the shower, I'd grab his cock and stop to talk.
hot uncut dick
way hard cock and great foreskin
Ahh, Yes!!! "Spring Chicken"!!! My Favorite!!! Gorgeous young man with one "Hot" little ass!!! Would love to see much more of that!
well,wouldvelike to see more ass.
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