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David Koral
December 11, 2012
Rating for this model: David Koral has been Rated 6.9 starsDavid Koral has been Rated 6.9 stars Total Votes: 118
Photographer Rating: David Koral has been Rated 6.3 starsDavid Koral has been Rated 6.3 stars  Total Votes: 93

Age:  24
Location:  Usti nad Labem, CZ
Job:  Store Manager
Hobby:  Partying
Sport:  Ice Hockey
Food:  Fruit
Music:  Kylie Minogue
Produced by William Higgins
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24 year old David Koral is an uncut European hunk from the Czech Republic! David loves to show off and is taking a shot at doing it in front of the camera. He stares into the lens, looking directly at you, while his exhibitionist side takes over. He unbuttons his shirt and begins rubbing his chest and getting in some nipple play! In no time at all, his uncut cock emerges from his gray dress slacks, while he gives both his upper body and his package some added attention, pulling his foreskin to and fro. David drops his dress shirt and turns with his backside to the camera, giving you a good look at his inviting ass, as he rubs and squeezes his cheeks! When he spreads them far apart and kneels down, he begins rubbing and tugging his man meat and showing off his throbbing hole! David lays on his back, taking his big headed stiff cock into his hands and placing between his legs and rolls back, flexing his hairy hole. Sitting up on his knees, he squirts out a big thick and creamy load!
Latest Comments:
why guys with a nice hairy bush want to shave it all off, compromising their masculinity, and making themselves look like a prepubescent boy, in a thousand years i'll never understand; other than that flaw, he is sizzling hot, great ass (hairy), and i sure hope b.p. calls him back for more.
Looks almost exactly like an Amish guy I used to live near when I was a kid in Ohio. I fantasized about him more than once!
PS---if D. has rash in pubic area, he also has a truly huge slit for fluids exiting his penis !!
a few great looking models lately badpuppy!
I like that his pubes are shaved !! More of him, please !!
@royal1723 - The videos should be okay now, if you have any other problems please contact me directly at "".
Why am I unable to download video?
beautiful ass shots. too bad he shaved his pubes. other than that a bit boring.
Hell, I thought he was sexy as hell. Love that gaping asshole. I could lunch on that all day.
Tender and handsome Czech boy from WH studios. This is his first solo video and he was OK.
12/11/12--Agree w/ jinxrd & brvhrt thst D. has fine looks and fur as well (beard, pits & arse) SO WHY then shave yr. pubes, D., wh many viewers wd have found yr. crowning glory. Found first 4 posts unduly harsh but find a FEW SMILES wd have been most welcome. Always appreciate a rpt cum shot & black towel to show quite clearly what did cum is a clever idea wh/ merits repetition. David may not have true low hangers but those balls were down even as he came & one cd then see he's truly uncut wh/ I had begun to doubt. By all means corndog, let's see him again--what about w/ a red head?!!
nice looking guy, but no personality...does nothing for me.
Hot young guy with a dick and balls and body that would stop a train. Would love to see David paired up with another badpuppy.
Nice body, nice package. I like more hair, but wish he had shaved under his chin. Nice double take on the cum shot.
Great boy-next-door studpuppy with sexy eyes, hot smooth cock & balls, atheletic physique and sensual lips. WOOF!
so bad!
What a dreadfull photoshoot. The photographer should be shot. Get the subject to smile for goodness sake!
A hairless nothing, a zero.
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