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Fero Stylak
April 16, 2013
Rating for this model: Fero Stylak has been Rated 7.6 starsFero Stylak has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 112
Photographer Rating: Fero Stylak has been Rated 7.1 starsFero Stylak has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 89

Age:  19
Location:  Brno, CZ
Job:  Sales Representative
Hobby:  Motorcycles
Sport:  Motocross
Food:  Hamburger
Music:  Disco
Produced by William Higgins
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Our newest European model, 19 year old Fero Stylak, is into motorcycles & motocross, and he loves good ol’ American hamburgers & going to the “disco” with friends. But today we find him relaxing on his bed & working himself into an exploding, dripping mess. With thick, uncut cock in hand, Fero rubs his chest, teases his hole... and us.
Latest Comments:
4/23/13--PLENTY of tasty rump ut could have done w/a few more tasty chest,nip amd cumming shots. Fero seemed to have some velocity in cum shots unlike most recent models, however good looking.
GREAT GUY ! gorgeous cock w/ a beautiful ass 2die4 ! NICE ASS SHOTS ! AND Fero sure knew how to play it ! Joyful video !
M.Higgins needs to get his eyes checked. His models seem to get fatter and fatter.
Hot Young Stud!!
Yummy indeed - great shots of his nice furry plump rump! There's something about a fat uncut cock attached to a young stud that can make a camera very happy!
Great model; Good videography. Good job William Higgins!
Nice hairy ass and big cock, yum
luv those butt shots!
For a guy with his memorable fat plump cock and uptight nuts dangling from his neat slendor physic, there were sure enough butt shots.
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