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Franco Gold
December 20, 2012
Rating for this model: Franco Gold has been Rated 7.1 starsFranco Gold has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 98
Photographer Rating: Franco Gold has been Rated 6.2 starsFranco Gold has been Rated 6.2 stars  Total Votes: 70

Age:  23
Location:  Budapest, Hungary
Job:  Escort
Hobby:  Body Building
Sport:  Boxing
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Techno
Produced by Joe Budai
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23 year old Franco Gold comes to us from Hungary. This uncut European stud has taken the night off from his Escort job and wants a night off from the gym, so he lays on an air mattress in his living room and begins giving himself a good sexual work out. He lays back and takes his uncut tool in hand and begins stroking. Franco gets on his knees and does a little rubbing and tugging downward of his package, giving a good birds-eye view of his tight and throbbing hole. He turns back over and leans against the wall and in between stroking, he slaps his ass. Franco gets on his knees and with one hand at a time, strokes his cock fast and furious, bringing himself to the brink of unloading, when he has to slow it down a bit! After changing positions several more times, he knows he cannot put off what is about to happen, so he gives it all he has and blows out a cum splattering load across the air mattress!
Latest Comments:
such a beautiful specimen but the camera man doesnt know how to do the filming. A very sexy man . nice cock nice nipples, nice body, nice fur, nice everything but the camera was all over and it does NOT know whats coming or going. its a shame... a waste of a beautiful subject.
PS--one of F's superlatives has gone unmentioned thus far: that navel cd well be the biggest on BP !!
8/15/13--agree w/ hardon & busdriver plus what I said last yr. about superstud Franco. Just sorry not to see a full head of hair when chest, ass & bush reveal such fine fur. Wonder whatever caused all those raps as he came??
Franco is so damn sexy from head to toe.Not a fan of tatts but everything else make up for it.I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to be fucked by him.
He is a mans man!! Whoa!!!Great body love the hair all in the right places!!!
Sensual Sexy All Man!!
PS--classic arse w/light fur but what a shaft w/ a beautiful set of veins & several shots where the ridge of the corona shows discretely under the foreskin.
12/20/12--not a fan of tats or (nearly) shaved heads but Franso offers many compensations incuding as exceptional package. A pity that his arching cum wasn't repeated (wd have been fine in slow mo.) If Joe B. is a new photographer, coach him a bit, BP !!
Sexy Real Man!
Now that's what I am talking about!
HOT HOT HUNKI! Too bad he's not going to be under my tree or under me this holiday - glad to see fur and a nice tight boooootie!
20 Dec Great Xmas gift! Franco has such a hot body and gorgeous ass! Great cum shots too!
Franco is hot I just love that beautiful body. He could be my Escort any time I would Lick him from his head to his toes and nice light hairy body and that nice big uncut cock and also nice butt. And then that big load love to take all of that in my mouth. the photo shoot is poor for him when he a great looking man and all man
If Franco is a typical Hungarian escort, how times have changed!
Handsome guy. nice cock. beautiful body built. nice ass. BUTT looks like he was just in a hurry to cum.
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