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Greg Taylor
February 16, 2013
Rating for this model: Greg Taylor has been Rated 8.0 starsGreg Taylor has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 122
Photographer Rating: Greg Taylor has been Rated 7.3 starsGreg Taylor has been Rated 7.3 stars  Total Votes: 98

Age:  24
Location:  Ostrava, CZ
Job:  Ice Hockey Player
Hobby:  Fitness
Sport:  Ice Hockey
Food:  Thai
Music:  Rock
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24 year old Greg Taylor is a HOT uncut stud from the Czech Republic. When he's not practicing or in an actual Hockey game, you'll usually find him at the gym working out! Sitting back on the couch he rubs his chest, removing his shirt, exposing his trimmed body hair. He removes his pants, giving ample view of his bulging uncut cock, looking to burst out of his boxer briefs. He removes his briefs and begins rubbing and stroking his cock and balls. He has an amazing body and it's apparent he spends a great deal of time keeping in shape. Greg stands in front of the mirror, watching as he pays his body the attention it deserves. He soon sets back down on the couch and with his cock firmly gripped within his hands, he begins jacking fast and furious until he cannot hold back any longer, blowing a thick and creamy cum shot across his lower abs.
Latest Comments:
thst fine ass set of double melons helps put Greg in the outstanding category !!
Oops, I forgot. And a HUGE DICK.
Huge nipples..finally
6/8/13--Kudos all'round for what has to be one of the yr's hottest. Guess Greg is alerting us at video 11-30 that he's about to & then I noticed that vy thin band (membrance?) of skin just at the ridge in his penis connecting down to the shaft wh wd be hidden if foreskin were up. What a divine little touch--remember that Anne Boleyn supposedly had a vestigal 5th finger on one hand--but Greg's anomely is far more amusing.
Hes hot, Yum.
What a perfect man! If he laid on top of me I'd cum instantly and come back for more.
3/6/13--what an arse; what a piss slit (big!);what a bush ,prick etc; what ahunk!!!
Wow...Perfect Boy very nice Face and Body
Love this guy. He is hot. Went searching and found him as Radim Hajek at William Higgins, if anyone is interested.
Very, very fuckin' sexy! Love that dusting of chest fur and all that tasty foreskin.
Very handsome! How's his Body English. I could get permanently happy with himself.
Can we say "HOT!!!"
absolutely awesome. GREAT !
Where have you been my whole life?
Oh my god, this guy is such a beautiful man. Beautiful body, awesome smile, wonderful j/o scene, What else can we ask for?
A very hot man. Sorry- no ass scenes..++
PS--welll, NOT that much jism NOR does it flow that far but still a satisfactory cumming (tho not more) but his fine physique and general likeablity will I suspect many of us coming bacb.
2/16/13--Greg has fine/sensational looks w/ heavily veined cock, treasure leads UP & DOWN, nice grin and fine veins in lower abdomen as well. Seems to have plenty of thick cum wh/ altho I haven't yet seen yhr vid. will hopefully really travel unlike some many others recently!!
superb- one HOT man
Outstanding body, goodlooking, beautiful cock and delicious ass. The clipped hair is sensual and musculature amazing. WOOF!
Do you think Geg would like me fuck him? Oh my what a shoot! Flash
Beautiful Body ! Great SMile ! Masturbation Fantastic ! Cum Perfect !
Absolute perfection!
What a hot body and great smile! I would totally wreck this dude WOOF!
Great set of pics and a beautiful model. Worked well with the photographer who produced great shots. This guy works out hard at the gym to achieve such definition and his cum shots conclude one of the best models BP have shown us for some time.
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