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Jack Ritano
May 4, 2013
Rating for this model: Jack Ritano has been Rated 8.6 starsJack Ritano has been Rated 8.6 stars Total Votes: 150
Photographer Rating: Jack Ritano has been Rated 7.7 starsJack Ritano has been Rated 7.7 stars  Total Votes: 121

Age:  21
Location:  Brno, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Running
Food:  Italian
Music:  R&B
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21 year old Jack Ritano is a hot, smooth stud from the Czech Republic, who is currently enrolled at the local University and pursuing a career in Gay Porn. Today Jack is giving all he's got, allowing the true exhibitionist to come out! He unbuttons his lavender dress shirt and exposes his hot body, toned shoulders and washboard stomach. He begins rubbing his cock, through his red tight briefs, as he wakes up the beast! His uncut cock emerges and it's not long before his tool becomes fat and firm. Jack turns and shows off his smooth butt, peeling his cheeks apart, allowing visual access to his throbbing hole and low hanging balls! He turns around and takes his cock in hand, giving it some tight gripping stroking action, as his tool gets a mad workout. It's very apparent by his face that Jack is about to cum and boy does he ever. The creamy release squirts clear up his smooth abs and beyond, giving relief by release!
Latest Comments:
PS 10/13--still as handsome as ever, but where is the cum? Not much--maybe 4-5 drops.
anodyne and cock to drool for. I could make him scream with pleasure.
a body and cock to drool for. I could make him scream with pleasure
This is why I have kept up my memebership for 18 years. Keep it up
What an awesome body!!!
5/5/13--handsome is as handsome does--fine smile on this true stud who can ejaculate quite well, no doubt w/out training or rehersal.
absolute perfection....just once before I die I have to enjoy somebody like this..I could bring him such pleasure and for me..just say OMG!
I waied patiently for th8s on, Outstanding performance and luscious hot model. Sweet smille and awesome ass buns, lovely coci and balls. wow and so handsome.
This guy is totally gorgeous is everyway. WOW.
Wow, enjoyed every view and would have loved to help him with that cum shot. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
Love JACK's s great smooth clean body. gorgeous cock ! Beautiful nipples ! nice ass shots ! BUTT disppointed 4ascanty load !
what a dream!
STUDLY x10 - HOT from every angle - could eat him up!
Outstanding body with sensual smooth skin, great definition, fantastic cock, sweet ass, delicious cum shot and adorable looks. WOOF!
Our apologies, guys. The automated activation process did not work correctly for this model, I have just manually activated his pictures and everything should be okay now. If anyone has further problems, please contact me directly at "". Enjoy!
Oh and the zip files are there ripe for the downloading.
No point in tellinbg us: We can see & besides what can we do!? For a faster response drop a post to
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where are the pics?
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