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Jirka Maly
October 2, 2012
Rating for this model: Jirka Maly has been Rated 7.6 starsJirka Maly has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 157
Photographer Rating: Jirka Maly has been Rated 7.0 starsJirka Maly has been Rated 7.0 stars  Total Votes: 124

Age:  19
Location:  Telc, CZ
Job:  Electrician
Hobby:  Computers
Sport:  Jogging
Food:  Bananas
Music:  Disco
Produced by William Higgins
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19 year old twink Jirka Maly, comes to us from the Czech Republic. Jirka is an Electrician by trade and as a hobby; he is what we'd call a total computer geek! Jirka is here to harden your rod and soften your heart! He rubs his body, running his hands down the front of his shorts, giving his uncut cock some stroking along the way! He drops his shorts down and stares deeply into the camera. Stepping out of his shorts, he bends over and spreads his cheeks, showing off his hairy hole. Jirka begins inserting his finger, down to the second knuckle. He has dildos lined up, ready for playtime. The smaller purple one goes first, in and out of his manhole. He licks and lines up the big one, shoving it carefully into his ass, moving in and out! He removes the dildo and shows off his pulsating hole, which appears to breathe. Now Jirka sits down on the bigger of the two, taking it to the limit. Not able to hold back any longer, he sprays a stream of cum across his hand and on the floor.
Latest Comments:
Cute Face - Massive Cock ... nice !
WTH am I looking at? A scarecrow? Miley Cyrus? Is Badpuppy aiming at a new clientele and including wannabe girls on the site?
10/13/12--blond cutie but not as struck by J. s topguy. Wonder if his locks are dyed--pubic, ass & legs have hair that seems darker. Don't think there is an English equivalent for Jirka but Zdenk is Richard believe it or not.
Sweeeeeet, Sexy and Scrumptious
Jirka = George - Maly = Little. The last part of his stage name refers to his stature not other attributes.
We last saw this hot "little fucker" Twink boi from Higgins paired with Milos Zambo on September 11th, and now he is featured in a hot single shoot to show just how talented he is.... in fact the same cloths he had on in the duo shoot. Like this boi...good sex appeal,lovely smooth upper bod with just a fantastic hairy bottom ...great hairy legs and especially that hairy hole is a beaut..oh to be the recipient of a true taste and a long hard boi Milos was in the earlier duo presentation. Beautiful close-up shots of that hole and our thanks to the photographer. Just love the way this boi rides and rides and shoots a very nice load while retaining the dildo in his hole....and then the eventual withdrawl and look of complete relief and satisfaction...all to say,"job well done!" Well done indeed!
My reference to Jirka's earlier performance was September 11 '12 with Milos Zambo. A real good look.
WOW!! This guy is really HOT!!-love everything about him- lovely sexy hair style with cute young sexy face-mmm!!--and..fantastic errect cock & sexy balls-!--what a hot arse he has too!!- Love to spend a week/end with him anytime!!-More like Jirka Maly please BP..mmm...10 out of 10 ..from me!!-XXXXX
Dont like he lock like a girl! He scuold shave his body dont like
He's a beautiful model and so cute. He has a nice average build and the rest is just wonderful and love his hair too. I would be in ectasy with him. The previous shoot was also excellent.
Perhaps you all remember Jirka recently participated in a duel with another handsome guy here. He was stunning then. With his soft moans of endearment while he strokes his teased bright purple cockhead mounted on his strong longing shaft, he really represents himself as the definition of erotic-succulence.
This is one hot dude. No complaints from me. Does anyone know what the American equalvalent name is for Jirka? There probably is not but just curious...
He is lovely. I would love to shave all the fur around his bottom, then play with him.
Oh to be 19 again: Jirka's one hot twink. But if I could fault him, it's if you shave as close as Jirka has, you shave the lot - nuts, perineum, anus - or you trim less harshely or you don't shave at all.
Beautiful, wild young thing with a huge cock! So uninhibited with an irresistible come-on look
What a beautiful face, such kissable lips, and eyes that could melt ice (and my heart). Having sex with Jirka would be heavenly! I hope You have a long, happy, productive life!
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