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Jose Manuel
November 15, 2012
Rating for this model: Jose Manuel has been Rated 8.4 starsJose Manuel has been Rated 8.4 stars Total Votes: 145
Photographer Rating: Jose Manuel has been Rated 7.4 starsJose Manuel has been Rated 7.4 stars  Total Votes: 115

Age:  25
Location:  Hodonin, CZ
Job:  Store Manager
Hobby:  Tanning
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Spaghetti
Music:  Disco
Produced by Adam Collins
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25 year old Jose Manuel comes to us from the Czech Republic. He is the Store Manager at a local Department Store and has had a frustrating week. It's his day off so he decides to relieve some tension. He begins rubbing his body all over, removing his shorts and peeling back his yellow briefs, while rubbing and fingering his tight hole. As Jose gets into the right frame of mind, he enjoys a few slaps of his own ass. He brings out his uncut cock and with a tight grip, he begins stroking it, pulling back and forth on his foreskin. As he lays on his back jacking off, you can see his 6 pack abs and smooth body. His shirt and briefs come off and Jose gets up on his knees, double gripping his cock for some firm stroking and ball play. He leans forward, dragging and pushing his tool across the bed. Moving to his stomach, his cheeks are spread as he finger fucks himself. As he reaches his peak, he lays on his back and strokes out a huge squirting, creamy load, across his smooth abs and chest!
Latest Comments:
A very hot young man! I like his smooth body, his big balls - and his delicious ass ... and - his great cock.+++
Jose Manuel??? He looks closer to a John Smith than a Jose Manuel, especially coming from CZ, and not a Spanish dominated country.
1/2/13--6 wks later & he is THE hilite of the holiday season for me; no treasure trail but there outta be !!!
What a hunk:cute unusually shaped oblong navel; nicely befurred sac w/ those fine hen's eggs wh/ fortunately do NOT have to be broken to make a sperm omelette!!
PPS (11/25) meant to say "too damn LITTLE time" in prev. post but Jose is still a most gratifying model w/ a 10+++ in this camp.
If you like 'em hot, lean and smooth, then this boi is the perfect stud...lovely overall physique although some more gym work would simply add muscle to give more definition. Nice to see the slight hairy hole here and what a treat it would be to explore more deeply with a tongue bath and hard fuck. A most acceptable cum shot that travels a nice distance over those firm abs. While this Reviewer certanly prefers to see hair in all the right places especially the legs, this smoothie is still a treat and a pleasant addition to BP Models
Perfect stud. Thanks BP. Jose can be my poster boi!
Can't fault his physical appearance: dick, balls, pubes, general build and hotness. It's a shame the photographer couldn't get him to go much beyond neutral/serious: he lights up with a slight grin.
nice body -- but didn't know tanning was a hobby -- but see he pursues his hobby often as there are no lines --
PS too damn time given w/ Manuel AS & AFTER he cums. we cd all enjoy/imagine a short post coital bliss. And we hardly need 7 mins w/ his shirt abd not attractive undies.
11/19/12--fine blue eyes; heck !! Fine everything,esp. package w/ those low hangers. Have to see if we've seen him before; certainly need to see him again in a duo--what about fucking w/ a gorgeous redhead.
Hot! I wouldn't mind climbing into that bed with him!
His name is kind of hokey but his body is the real deal. I could get lost in his eyes and spend a whole weekend in bed with Jose.
Hot smooth body, beautiful eyes, smokin' cock and delicious ass. WOOF!
Jose ... u got one beautiful ASS ! would luv to fuck it ! Nice cock / balls. great smooth body ! i luv to watch ur balls slide sidetoside while u jerk. Beautiful cum.
an absolute beautiful torso, just a bit more chest and bicep work and this one will be a world class hotty
This young man is the complete package. He is handsome,has a great cock,balls,and a beautiful arse hole.His body has great balanced proportions.I would love to draw,paint and maybe a little more of and to him. Truely hott!
Hot and lean.
What a great body!!
Nice dick.
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