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Jovey Roberts
March 16, 2013
Rating for this model: Jovey Roberts has been Rated 6.8 starsJovey Roberts has been Rated 6.8 stars Total Votes: 88
Photographer Rating: Jovey Roberts has been Rated 5.9 starsJovey Roberts has been Rated 5.9 stars  Total Votes: 71

Age:  22
Location:  Ostrava, CZ
Job:  Barman
Hobby:  Swimming
Sport:  Tennis
Food:  Spaghetti
Music:  Pop
Produced by Adam Collins
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22 year old Jovey Roberts is a hot stud from Ostrava, CZ. He works as a Barman at a local fine dining restaurant and has the night off. What better way to unwind then to rub one out! He begins rubbing his body all over, removing his shirt and jeans, revealing his hot pink boxer briefs, with his uncut cock emerging from the side. He loses his briefs and begins firmly stroking his rod. He lifts his bottom off of the overstuffed chair and while stroking with one hand, he massages and fingers his hole with the other. Jovey squats down on the floor in front of the chair and continues to give his fuck muscle a good work out. His balls are full and firm and the color of the head of his penis reflects massive blood flow to that area. Jovey bends over and with his cheeks spread and hole pulsating, he slaps his ass, fingering and thumping his hole. Knowing that he's ready to unload, he strokes his meat fast and furious, squirting streams of cum across his abs.
Latest Comments:
Love the big hairless asshole.
3/23/13--cute guy w/ a sometimes wistful air; huge navel on a frame w/ a hint of natural hair (altho there CD be more!).
Good looking guy who knows how to massage that prostate! Hot to watch him get off.
awesome ! nice ass hole shots ! nice cum !
Attractive enough guy but he would look so much better if he'd just SMILE for Pete's sake!
Sexy studpuppy with beautiful ass and sweet orgasmic cock with lucious balls. Could lick on this one all day. WOOF!
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