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Kamil Jezek
October 16, 2012
Rating for this model: Kamil Jezek has been Rated 8.0 starsKamil Jezek has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 154
Photographer Rating: Kamil Jezek has been Rated 7.3 starsKamil Jezek has been Rated 7.3 stars  Total Votes: 121

Age:  18
Location:  Tyn nad Vlatavou, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Sex
Sport:  Volleyball
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Rock
Produced by William Higgins
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18 year old uncut Stud Kamil Jezek, comes to us from the Czech Republic. Kamil is a full time student at his local University. He's here to jerk off for you in which to help pay for his student loan. He begins with rubbing his upper body, revealing his uncut cock out of the top of his white jeans! Kamil has a beautifully fit body, without being over done. He lays back on the bed, where he tweaks his nipples and shows off his huge rod. His jeans come down and Kamil continues to give his mean a firm workout. He positions himself at the top of the bed, where he clearly is getting into is attempt of self satisfaction. The camera pans in close giving a bird’s eye view of his bung hole, as he stretches his cheeks and works his tool! On his knees, Kamil gives himself a firm rub and tug. After changing his position several times, he moves forward to the point of no return. With some additional strokes, Kamil blows one helluva load across his 6 pack abs and one squirt covering his right nipple.
Latest Comments:
2/18/13--robert6 was right--I liked a cum reaching the R tit & hairy in all the right places--why not again in a duo ???
A nice fucking man!++
First off, I don't believe for a second that this guy is a teenager. I am a pediatician. I am looking at the bone structure of his hands and feet, ankles and elbows. He is at least 24. So while he is gorgeoua and asolutely fuckable, he is not a teenager
fucking good guy w/ a beautiful ass. i think this dude is an excellent bottom. would luv to FUCK his nice ass !
Outstanding studpuppy with sexy smooth body, excellent atheletic physique and beautiful ass. Fantastic cock and sensual smile. WOOF!
Another HOT young boi from the the Higgin's Studio...beautiful features here, nicely worked-out upper bod for being only eighteen which is nice to see.Just a fantastic cock on display complimented by a good set of low hangers and great hairy legs. Oh my..what a wonderful beautiful shaved hole we have here...just love the way boi stretches that hole and the excellent photography sure displays it well....what a treat to sample a true taste, followed by a long hard deep fuck. One tremendous cum explosion too, traveling up to the right nipple.. fuckin fantastic (and that should make Reviewer "dloving" pleased) but must agree, too bad it's smeared away so quickly... as this cum begs for a true taste, every drop. Liked this boi...another winner indeed!!
2 thumbs up for this hot young man. I would like to sample that hot load of goo anytime!
10/17/12-K. is cute but no movie star to these old eyes. He might just be "uncut" as bio alleges but the flacid cock first seen on the video sure misled me. But either way (I don't get in disputes over the "point") he looks straight into the camera but oh so rarely drops us a smile. Still a fine and well photo'ed cumming w/ thankfully enough jism velocity to hit a tit w/ his 1st shot,altho why he then proceeds to smear it away so soon thereafter seems silly. Can't go over 8.5 myself.
Awesome asshole shots AND kamil does have a nice ass. He sure knew how to display his ass. love it ! also, Kamil is one fucking handsomely gorgeous young man ! I think Kamil is an excellent bottom. would love to FUCK this young man !
Oh Yea, dreams do cum true!!!!!!
Kamil may appear in: Slovilian Boys, Carempie Suprise 7, Beach Volleyball, and perhaps in Jack Happy.
Kamil: young, hard, tight and full of cum (a deluge of seven fresh hot cum shots). He looked poised, confident, and at home posing for gay WH. He looked at ease with his eagle spread legs and while spreading his butt cheeks to display his teasing butt hole, indicating he's already a committed bottom who loves to kiss while getting fucked.
Cute Model excellent photography and great butt shots! He has the C'mon Fuck Me moves that is a turn on.
super hot
16 Oct Kamil is such a kissable twink with gorgeous lips and such a come-on fuckable look! Ten stars!
Oh, hell to the "yeah"!!! That boy is Fucking gorgeous! "Nuff said"!!!
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