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Lubor Vasica
April 2, 2013
Rating for this model: Lubor Vasica has been Rated 7.4 starsLubor Vasica has been Rated 7.4 stars Total Votes: 91
Photographer Rating: Lubor Vasica has been Rated 6.7 starsLubor Vasica has been Rated 6.7 stars  Total Votes: 74

Age:  20
Location:  Klasterec nad Ohri, CZ
Job:  Bricklayer
Hobby:  Football
Sport:  Football
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Rock
Produced by William Higgins
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20 year old Lubor Vasica is a cute uncut jock from the Czech Republic. Lubor is a Professional Bricklayer by trade and in his spare time he lives and breathes football, whether he's watching or playing the game with the guys! Today he's not working and has found himself horny as hell, so he's on his way to a needed release. He lays back on the bed and removes his shirt and drops down his jeans, exposing his throbbing uncut cock. Lubor begins working it hard and becomes hornier than ever. Removing his shoes, he shows off his feet and curled toes. He lays across the bed, with his cock and balls pushed beneath him, as he pumps and pulls his man meat! Face down and ass in the air, he shows off his hairy ass, spreading his cheeks wide and stretching his pulsating hole! He stands with one leg on the bed, stroking out the pressures of the day! Lubor is ready to release, so he lays down on the bed, stroking out a thick and creamy cum shot across his thigh!
Latest Comments:
awesome, smooth skin great body gorgeous uncut cock, beautiful shots of a very nice asshole and a yummy cum. LOVE IT !
great model... agree with all postivie comments... but, 20 yrs. old... really? looks older... or, bad bags under eyes? who knows?
I agree with dloving. Classic Higgins.
4/02/13--vy fine package & copious cum shoot--what more can we really ask for ??
a guy with an ass like this one should have it insured by loyds of london! it a national treasure.
Just been waiting to say, This guy is great all around with a beautiful uncut cock. But Ooooh what an ass. Love it.
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