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Lukas Pribyl
June 26, 2012
Rating for this model: Lukas Pribyl has been Rated 8.8 starsLukas Pribyl has been Rated 8.8 stars Total Votes: 197
Photographer Rating: Lukas Pribyl has been Rated 8.2 starsLukas Pribyl has been Rated 8.2 stars  Total Votes: 156

Age:  19
Location:  Uhersky Brod, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Track
Sport:  Extreme Sports
Food:  Spaghetti
Music:  Trance
Produced by William Higgins
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19 year old Czech stud Lukas Pribyl, is quite the Hottie. He is a full time student at a local university near his hometown of Uhersky Brod, CZ. Lukas is here today to jerk off for you! As he rubs his body, he removes his shirt, followed by him dropping his blue jeans, exposing his perfect uncut cock. He takes hold of it, smiling for the camera and begins stroking it, pulling his foreskin up and down his shaft. He turns his back side to the camera, spreading his cheeks and exposing his manhole. Laying back on the table, he continues to work his cock, while thrusting his hips up and down and gazing into the camera. Lukas turns over on to his stomach and enjoys some ass play. On his back again, he knows the end is near and he's about to cum, so with a good grip and some firm stroking, he lets go of a big, thick and creamy load across his trimmed pubes and lower abs. He continues to rub his cock and work his foreskin as he catches his breath!
Latest Comments:
Absolute perfection!!!
Damn he is sooo fine. Love everything about him from head to cockhead to toes!
PS 10/1/12--just as fine, near perfection as on 8/21--thin but fine penis, erect all the way thru w/ more cum than many others in these abstemious days--hope we see more of Lucas, perhaps w/ a gorgeous blonde.
Comments on this boi to date have it "right on" indeed, and this Reviewer most certainly can agree. Another very hot boi from the Higgin's Studio, great features,lovely worked-out bod showing good definition, on the upper bod, with both the biceps and forearms drawing the eyes attention. An impressive cock here too which stays hard and staight throughout the production and spurts a most desirable release from its head...(great to see the second repeat cum shot from a second angle..HOT!) It would be a treat to taste test. Love this bois hot hole which is captured well,with an invitation to explore fully, and the hairy legs complete a winning performance.
Cute! Beautiful face, great body, nice cock!
PS-- glad for the close cum shot repeat and that he didn't shave the treasure trail leading to a real one. But what is it nowadays w/ these studs who have modest amt's of cum only and no velocity when shooting? Hope he impregnates some gal to pass on (some) of his looks to another generation,
8/21/12--previous posts have hit almost every superlative I can think of, so I'll just say let's see him soon again with a toothsome blonde or redhead guy!!!
An extremely hot stud. Thank you greatly.+++
I need to move to Prague! Agree with all the other posts, this kid in #1. From top of his head to tip of his toes, that smile, those lips, that cock..all of him. He knows he's hot and loves to show it off. Kudos to Higgins, great camera shots, two of the cum load...perfect.
Just how clean cut and sexy can you get? The long lean body is just perfect for sporting the long beautiful dick.His cute smile would lead you to think he knows he is a hunk watched this several times. ;-) One of the most beautiful men I've ever seen. To lay with him...sigh...
I Love BP. I'm finding beautiful young men all the time. Lukas is gorgeous. I would like to make love with him all night long.
Outstanding smooth body, excellent physique, beautiful cock and butt, great chest and legs, goodlooking and adorable face. WOOF!!!
He's a cutie. Well done, William Higgins!
the two camera money shot with wholebody and closeup is a winner.
Pretty much as good as it gets. Gonna have a tough time topping (oops) this one BP.
Very nice. Too bad for the over-trimmed pubes but otherwise very nice.Good work by Higgins.
bring him to the usa he can stay with me all time he hot cute sexty love his cock and a great set of nuts
ditto roby
Whoa...fuckin' hot!
I am in love with Lukas. He is super hot and absolutely amazing.
The amazing thing about the guys from the Czech Republic is that they are tight and thin. They do not eat like other European or USA soft guys. They all take sport when they are young and they all seem to have fit bodies. Yes. Go to Prague (Praha)and find out. Dobry Den!
Needs no words, simply beautiful
A Badpuppy Plus !!!! wonderful One of your best great body - perfect cock - nice eyes with super smile Let's see another one or Lucas.
An absolutely beautiful young man...He's so hot and perfect it takes my breath away..A cock so straight and HARD and perfectly shaped its mesmerizing...Lukas is certainly for Love.
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