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Marek Kral
November 13, 2012
Rating for this model: Marek Kral has been Rated 7.3 starsMarek Kral has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 114
Photographer Rating: Marek Kral has been Rated 7.1 starsMarek Kral has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 88

Age:  27
Location:  Brno, CZ
Job:  Barman
Hobby:  Dancing
Sport:  Ice Hockey
Food:  Steak
Music:  Disco
Produced by William Higgins
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27 year old Marek Kral comes to us from the Czech Republic. This Euro Stud is uncut, smooth and horny as hell! He takes his shirt off and begins rubbing his body all over. His hands grope his uncut tool and he soon removes his jeans. A stiff uncut cock appears, pointing to the heavens and his balls are full and tight. Marek lays back on the couch and inserts his red dildo into his hole. Watch as it disappears down to its base. Holding it in tightly, he begins giving his cock a good work out as he stares into the camera. He sits up leaning back on the couch and begins pushing and pulling the dildo, while working his tool. He sticks a new black dildo to the table and begins spitting and sucking it, just before sitting down on it and moving up and down! Marek moves to the couch with a new toy, the biggest yet. He works that until he’s ready to blow. The dildo is removed and Marek jerks his way to a creamy cumshot across his abs!
Latest Comments:
Preferring smooth skin to hairy does not indicate pedophilia. Smooth skin to many appears cleaner, more sensual and provides a more direct contact with the skin. Thankfully, not everyone likes the same look or there would be even more people alone than is currently the situation.
Exquisite fantasy lad! Such a refreshing departure from your usual run of the mill, non threatening, reality street guy covered with body graffiti and looking like he just crawled out from under a rock. We all need a little fantasy trip now and then, gentlemen, go with it
Czech boys are hot...++
love both unshaven and shaven bodies, thats what i love about badpuppy, there's something for everyone, so if its not for you, don't complain please, this is the only way to offer something for everyone. i personally love this model, excellent hot butt and cute face
Miley Cyrus? Again...
once again Higgins needs to retire
Like this hot blonde boi from Higgins and he presents a most decent overall package...lovely features...from the dirty blonde hair on top all the way down to an impressive cock which shoots an acceptable load. Love the use of the "toys" from this boi...especially the red butt plug which slides in all the way and the black ribbed dildo adds a nice contrast to prove this boi has a most willing hole....oh to experience that hole the correct way!
As far as looks, age, cock size. I have no right to cast stones, everyone looks better than me. and I looked my best about 30 years ago lol.
Marek is a handsome model with a nice smile, beautiful eyes and smooth flawless skin. 2 thumbs up and liked that cum shot.
11/13/12--agree wholeheartedly w/ Paulfa46: let's have WAY LESS attitude (some wd say posturing) about models &/or what "type" they are. I happen to prefer cocks uncut (marek is supposedly uncut but one couldn't prove it to me) and balls that dangle lower but that doesn't prevent my finding Marek enjoyable to observe--a dirty blonde w/ an impressive cum shot thenkfully repeated from a different angle. Diversity of looks & opinions is or can be a vy good thing for us all.
If a model isn't your type okay, but all the attitude about these things is digusting
The smooth shaved body is gross. When are the photographers going to get it through there heads. The pedophiles above who like the 6 year old shaved look really need some help.
Hot and sexy studpuppy with a fantastic smooth body, beautiful cock, excellent ass and adorable face. WOOF!
that shaved body is disgusting.
Me thinks Marek looked at his best ten years ago.
I think he is cute. I love his shaved body.
*gross*... I thought the dumb blonde surfer dude phase went out in the 80's...
love to see him play w/ his toys. Handsome Man w/ a beautiful eyes and a gorgeous cock. love his ass too. i love butt plugs, it enhances the feeling of a climax & u cum w/ ecstacy, sort of erotic euphoria. AND plugs exercises ur anal muscles so when a real cocks get in u have good muscle control.
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