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Mario Richy
April 13, 2013
Rating for this model: Mario Richy has been Rated 8.0 starsMario Richy has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 119
Photographer Rating: Mario Richy has been Rated 7.0 starsMario Richy has been Rated 7.0 stars  Total Votes: 96

Age:  21
Location:  Bruntac, CZ
Job:  Construction Worker
Hobby:  Video Games
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Fried Cheese
Music:  Rap
Produced by Adam Collins
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21 year old Mario Richy is a cute cut boy next door, who is new to the Gay Porn industry, but is an exhibitionist at heart! Mario works in construction and enjoys playing video games and an avid hockey fan! He's here today to rub one out for the members of Badpuppy! Laying back on the bed he rubs himself all over, getting hornier by the minute. His clothes come off and he immediately begins working his big thick cock, stroking with a tight grip! His ball sack appears tight and full with a load ready to explode. He begins rubbing his ass, massaging and stretching his hole with his fingers. With one foot on the ground and the other up on the bed, Mario bends over with his backside facing the camera, pulling his cock downward as he gyrates his man hole with his fingers. He realizes he's about to cum, so he quickly lays on his back and with a few firm strokes, he blows a creamy load across is abs.
Latest Comments:
Very handsome, nice abs, like the body hair.
4/13/13---fine fur in all the appropriate places w/ fine spurts when he gets to that point in stroking and ejaculating!!! Wd be fine to have him at one's side & I wasn't inspecting his fingernails any more than the average horny guy wd be doing !!
WOW!!--Mario Richy is HOT guys!!!-i could fall in love with that very attractive cute sexy smiling face- to hell with comments on here about his finger nails-in fact I found his hands and fingers VERY sexy!!-He is star quality and absolutely gorgeous!!-only wish I could meet him and we go out on a date!!--more like Mario please BP--10 out of 10--XXXXX
video not working
Supersweet youngmeat! and he has fur in all the right places along with some handsome parts that could be eatn' for hours and that face - a pleasant view with an 8pack to boot!
Sexy body, beautiful cock, sweet ass and adorable face. WOOF!
For some reason zip files can't be downloaded.
Fresh face. Nice body. I'd definitely take him to bed :-). As far as the finger nails...he works in construction. Hard to keep your finger nails clean in a construction job. I just wish there was at least one still showing his butt naturally instead of being stretched. The photographer could have used better judgement there.
Just a kid doing his thing. Sleak body, fat cock with a bag of balls. A good kid doing his best. Makes your mouth water.
Cute model but less than imaginative photography. He might actually be what the 'biography' says: I dislike the bitten nails more. How can you chew nails like that?!
VERY cute but afraid I was too busy looking elsewhere to notice his fingernails!
cute guy. cute pics. nice cock. He seems so shy. Side note: I wish they would use fingernail brushes and help these kids clean their hands before a photo shoot. How can his body be so clean and his nails be so gross?
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