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Patrik Lukasz
September 18, 2012
Rating for this model: Patrik Lukasz has been Rated 7.3 starsPatrik Lukasz has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 110
Photographer Rating: Patrik Lukasz has been Rated 6.2 starsPatrik Lukasz has been Rated 6.2 stars  Total Votes: 89

Age:  26
Location:  Nitra, Slovakia
Job:  Operator
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Steak
Music:  Trance
Produced by William Higgins
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26 year old Patrik Lukasz comes to us from Nitra, Slovakia. This stud is a full time telephone operator for their local phone company. Patrik is off today and awakes horny as hell. Laying comfy upon his pillow top bed, with his goose down comforter, he begins rubbing himself all over. He takes his uncut cock in hand and begins stroking it with a tightened grip. His chest is smooth and his abs are defined. As he tugs his foreskin upward, he stretches and pinches his hood, while curling his toes. He stands and bends over, stretching his cheeks apart, giving a good view of his pulsating hole. Patrik stands up and squirts a stream of cum, all while continuing to give his fit body a good rub down.
Latest Comments:
PS--useful note for cumming fans: it's at about 11' 40" not at the ususal end. And, yes Pat is first hiding, then packing & finally using a notable package--love those low hangers.
handsome young Man w/ a most beautiful pinkisk hairy asshole. beautiful cum. love that foreskin !
He's very hot and really enjoys pulling and stretching his ample prepuce.
Patrik is very average looking and does not do it for me 3/10
Certainly not one of this Reviewer's favourites, and also conclude a somewhat strange and boring shoot. Far too much white in the backgroud...hard on the eyes. As for the model, a good set of low hangers and a nice hole displayed,,,but the cum shot is wasted in the white background. An overall disapointment!
Handsome young dude. Sweet ass! Nice photoshoot.
dloving - I am not aware of any issues with this model's videos, they appear to be working correctly. I will contact you directly to see if you are still having problems. And gang, if you have problems on the site, please contact me directly at ""... as we do not always see every single one of these model comments.
9/19/12--Quite a hunk even if not movie star handsome to these eyes. Judging by fur btw balls (wh are well defined!!) and arse, his pubes have been half (?) shaved wh/ I regret but w/ such a gorgeous package & almost plentiful spend, not complaining tho I also wondered why 2 still groups were combined--but he's one of Higgins' BETTER RECENT finds.
BPstaff: pls check on download/buffering for Patrik--my download normally is done in 15 sec. or less. With this vid., after 5 mins., still only @ 55% buffering. Something must be amiss. Glad for Wed response & thx.
I agree with dppuppy. Strange photo shoot and somewhat boring video. Not Higgin's best.
Perfect One of your best ever ! thanks
If there was a happy ending, why didn't we get to see it.He is a handsome young man and a very artful shoot
Great photo shoot!
this shoot is just perfection. The all whight againgt his tan skin? Perfesct
Patrik is cute, especially when he smiles and has a nice body and package. But why are there two separate photo shoots packaged in one montage and why is there no happy ending as the Armani guy? Also surprising to see a Higgins set so un-embellished - it was nice for a change.
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