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Peter Maier
March 5, 2013
Rating for this model: Peter Maier has been Rated 8.4 starsPeter Maier has been Rated 8.4 stars Total Votes: 120
Photographer Rating: Peter Maier has been Rated 7.4 starsPeter Maier has been Rated 7.4 stars  Total Votes: 94

Age:  23
Location:  Brno, CZ
Job:  Manager
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Kick Boxing
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Rock
Produced by William Higgins
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23 year old Peter comes to us from across the pond, having been born and raised in the Czech Republic! This uncut stud is a retail store manager by day and a kick boxer by night! He is horny as hell and after rubbing his body all over he strips down, exposing his man meat and saggy balls! Peter is all natural, not clipped or shaved by any means! He takes his cock in hand and strokes his package to and fro, as he gazes into the camera lens to get your attention. With his blue jeans around his ankles, he kneels forward on the weight bench, massaging his hairy ass and throbbing hole, as his entire package is pushed up against the bench. Peter stands up and then bends over, stretching his ass wide, as he looks at the camera from between his legs! He loses his jeans and leans back on the bench, gripping his cock tightly! With a few firm strokes, Peter blows a creamy load across his pubes and lower abs!
Latest Comments:
Now here's a hole I can sink my toungue into!
PS 10/13--still super sexy w/ fur in all the right places, no disfiguring tats & 1 ball hanging delightfully lower (as per usual on his Left, our R.) Robert6 provides all the correct details.
A very wonderful young man - and - once again what a very poor photographer - retire already
Another hot hot boi from Higgins and what a pleasure to see.Sexy gook looks on display here complimenting an incredible "au natural" body just the way so many of us admire fully.. and this Reviewer is no exception. This boi's best asset is that incredible hairy ass and his wonderful pink rosebud winking for attention, and what a treat that would be....first by a wet tongue to taste every sweet morsel followed by a long deep hard fuck. Not to be outdone, that gorgeous hard manhood produces a most desirable thick creamy load,,,oh for a true taste test! Beautiful pubes, small deep treasure trail, the fantastic hairy legs right down to the hairy dusting of the feet, all go toward leading one to proclaim,"perfection" in every sense of the word! What a winner indeed!
Beautiful man.To be fucked by him would be a wonderful pleasure I am sure.Lucky for those that get it.
Those beautiful blue-grey eyes; Those hot, hairy legs; His all-around sex appeal; Whew...what a package!!!
very tasty... luv the hair
Hot model! Thanks for posting him. When are you going to release a new full-length movie? It's been almost a month. That's a little pokey ... and not in a good way! Get on it, Badpuppy. :)
OMG! He's hot in every way. Every perfect strand of hair in every perfect place over his body. Armpits were fantastic, and the hairy thighs...Wow!
Nice balls on a cute guy!
One of the hottest WH has found to date - love the fur and uncut meat, only problem is that he hasn't appeared in my bed yet! Stud!
Great foreskin, furry ass, and feet. This dude is hot all around. Bring us more of him in action if possible.
Love that natural look!!! Beautiful!!!
PPS--now that I've seen th vid. I like P EVEN MORE--bing him back soonest!! What a duo he cd make w/ the ginger guy w models back !!
PS-pete won't be thimking about it but 3/5 is 60th anniv. Stalin's death--how appropriate in my book that Hugo Chavez has also managed to shuffle off--no Stalin (not THAT bad) but still one of the bigger demagogues around now.
3/5/13--agree that Peter has numerous fine assets & add to prev. listings those steel blue eyes & a big handsome piss/cum slit.
What a yummy body. Thanks for all the close ups of his beautiful cock and balls and love hole. Flash
awesome young man ! incredibly beautiful hairy pinkish ass (LOVELY TO RIM ). handsome, gorgeous long cock nice balls nice pubes great body ! yummy cum.
love the hot hairy ass
Very Refreahing Very Sexy
Sexy studpuppy with sensual body, great looks, sweet ass, beautiful cock and tasty cum shot. WOOF!
Love the hairy lower torso, expecially his hot hairy ass.
Nice and natural
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