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Petr Myska
January 22, 2013
Rating for this model: Petr Myska has been Rated 7.2 starsPetr Myska has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 133
Photographer Rating: Petr Myska has been Rated 6.6 starsPetr Myska has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 103

Age:  29
Location:  Roznov pod Radhostem
Job:  Operator
Hobby:  Cycling
Sport:  Ice Skating
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Pop
Produced by William Higgins
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Petr Myska is a 29 year old stud from across the pond. When Petr is not cycling, he is a telecommunication operator at a local business, just outside of his hometown. Petr is all horned up and ready to rub one out for you! He begins by unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his upper body and crotch. When he unzips his pants, a big thick uncut cock emerges and his balls join the party. Petr bends over and spreads his butt cheeks, exposing his hairy hole. He kneels on the couch after letting his hair down, purposly pulsating his hole as he rubs tugs and pulls down on his manhood. Petr turns around now facing the camera. He raises his ass up and down as he continues to rub and spread his ass cheeks. Petr sets back down on the couch and takes his uncut cock in hand and with some firm pressure in his grip, he rubs out a thick, white and creamy load across his pubes and lower side. You can see the relief in Petr's eyes as he stares into the camera.
Latest Comments:
I save whole collections and to file my massive collection, I make thumbs in a directory folder to help me categorize and file everything but I find as of late. Idiot photographers that don't know how to direct the model. All they do is say turn and the model turns, and all the photographer does is jam their finger on the shutter button and capture every little twitch and movement as if it were gold. It can be soo hard making thumbs because they were not smiling, or making a weird face of worse, they all look like they were bobble heads and no one holds a head straight anymore. Everyone is on an angle for the coy look. It's as bad as the one short legged photographers who insist on shooting models from an angle to be more artistic or to emphasis the model's size. It especially doesn't work if they don't know why shooting from an angle is good and do it for every damn model regardless of their size. *cough*Higgins*cough*...
A natural man! He has a beautiful cockhead and a hairy ass. Very sensual.+++
I wonder of how many are complaing of Petr long locks also complain about the guys who trim and/or shave theirs pubes or more?
With a dick like that.. he's a Tarzan, but hair like that.. he's a Jane.
PS--fine quantity of cum but amazed that our long haired Samson stand-in couldn't shoot even as hi as his nips much less collar bone--where is the velocity of many past models ??
1/27/13--Mozart's b-day but more to the point (prick), I found Petr above average in looks including a vy fine package down to & including a finely befurred sac--like 'em w/ plentiful hair all over & agree that it's his decision if he sports a VY full head of hair--that doesn't make him "girly" to me.
I hope this beautiful man keeps his long hair for the rest of his life, and I hope he does so because it's what he wants and is comfortable for him. Nothing makes me happier than a person who does what is right for themselves and ignores what others think they should do or be, or what is "in". Every time I hear the words "you would be hot if you just cut off that hair," I am grateful to them for saving me from wasting my time with someone who is primarily concerned with the superficial. Cheers Petr, you are gorgeous just the way you are!
Very hot! My favorite! So sexy, that hairy ass and uncut cock, mmmhmmm!
Sorry, he did nothing for me, did not even play the video after viewing the images :-{
Loved the hairy bush and nice furry ass and pink hole but not much else. Just average.
I, also, would agree that a much shorter hair style is needed. Would improve his overall appeal. He has a very cute baby face. Love his slender build and uncut cock is great!
I love the Europaen look. Guys with long hair drive me nuts. Love his hairy hole. Nice occasionally to chew & swallow hair/pubes.
awesome arse shot with a Beyoutiful hairy ass of a very handsome sexy sensual gentleman with a dramatic cum finale !
Is long hair still in? Be more interested if the long hair was gone. Makes him look more like a girly girl. Hair distract from his handsome face.
natural,,,very nice . Love the hair. I am sick of this world where a razor goes from top to bottom. This guy gets high marks for not being a conformist media fashion whore.
nice body. loved that hairy ass hole.
Sexy and smooth with beautiful cock and sensual physique. Sweet ass and adorable looks. WOOF!
Hot model, wonderful features - all of them except his hair. It's fine when tied back but flopping around, it looks like a Jesus-lookalike is wanking. Disturbing! But 9* nevertheless.
I would if I could have his children.
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