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Steven Besido
March 30, 2013
Rating for this model: Steven Besido has been Rated 7.7 starsSteven Besido has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 117
Photographer Rating: Steven Besido has been Rated 6.8 starsSteven Besido has been Rated 6.8 stars  Total Votes: 93

Age:  23
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Fitness
Sport:  Thai Boxing
Food:  Italian
Music:  Hard Rock
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23 year old Steven Besido comes to us from across the pond. He is a full time student at the local University in his hometown of Prague. This uncut stud is very much into fitness and loves Thai Boxing, which he's quite good at. He's home alone and decides it's as good a time as any to rub out some frustrations from his long day of exams. He leans back on the couch, caresses his body, removing his shirt and unbuttoning his jeans, showing off his fit body and his perfect uncut cock. Steven is one sexy hunk of man meat for sure. He begins stroking his tool and palming his balls, preparing for some firm stroking action. He kneels on the couch, rubbing his tree trunk thighs and beautifully smooth backside. Steven turns and on all 4's he tugs down on his tool, spreads his cheeks, showing off and massaging his man hole! The time has come for Steven to bring this session to a close. He takes a firm hold, spreads the eye of his cock and continues on to rub out a thick and creamy load!
Latest Comments:
totally gorgeous man. Beautiful body and tan... ohhhhhhh.
PS 5/10/13: BUT if he does return, lets hope Steven will SAVE UP to provide his fans w/ bigger & longer cum shot next time. Surely he's up to that w/ THAT package!!
4//1/13--well have to admit it is jusabout a perfect body. Was going to say I never saw his penis slit being squeezed open until there it came in 12th min of video. Perhaps more enticing to see S's finger play w a strand of pre-cum wh/ I observe is unfortunately a rare sight on these vids. But overall a 10-; even tho he rarely smiles, love his big brown eyes & most generous, shapely & enticing package. Bring him back why not in a duo??
Mmmmmm sexy!!
What a man!
Hot and sexy smooth upper body, fantastic legs and ass, beautifully delicious cock. WOOF!
Hot ass and gorgeous cock!
ABSOLUTELY handsome masculine gentleman w/ a gorgeous cock/balls. Appreciate his clean smooth great body. Hopefully he stays out of the ink pollution that at times invade the human skin. Love his arse nice clean pinkish simply adorable.
The best yet! Muscuar, handsome and an incredible body.
An absolute beauty! Perfect body, very suckable cock, extremely handsome. What else could you possibly want in the male form than a guy like this?
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