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Ted Green
August 16, 2012
Rating for this model: Ted Green has been Rated 7.1 starsTed Green has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 134
Photographer Rating: Ted Green has been Rated 6.5 starsTed Green has been Rated 6.5 stars  Total Votes: 104

Age:  19
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Computer Games
Sport:  Badminton
Food:  Italian
Music:  House
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19 year old Ted Green comes to us from Prague. Ted is a full time student and plays computer and video games for fun, when he’s done studying each day! His skin is smooth and hair is long. He stares into the camera as he slowly strips down to his boxer briefs, followed by revealing his uncut cock. Ted rubs his body all over and takes his manhood in hand, with some firm stroking action. He turns to show off his smooth bubble but for the camera, rubbing and spreading his cheeks, while stretching his man hole far and wide. Ted sits up on the desk, laid back with his boots still on, stroking his tool and squeezing his balls. He feels like he's reaching his peak, so he grips his cock hard, stroking fast and firm, delivering several blasts of cum up and across his whole upper torso.
Latest Comments:
why you guys gotta be hatin on his hair yo? i happen to like long hair on him, along with rest of his body mmmmm
yes, handsome guy w/ an incredibly beautiful sexy man-hole. AND a very climatic cum explotion !
I'd fuck that gorgeous ass all night loooooong then stay home from work the next couple of years to keep pumping.
Mixed feelings on this boi and would like to see shorter hair,at least a trim with some style, (this Reviwer's preference), however other features are most positive and to begin with that great hard cock with the nice curve looks inviting to say the least and that bubble butt is certainly a winner with great close-up photography that beckons deep inspection via mouth and tongue,leading to one glorious fuck, and a treat that would be! Agree, this boi's camera exposure lacks some luster,however does he ever make up for that negative with one teriffic hot load of delicious cum, truly a great shoot.
God I love these beautiful uncut Czechs!!! What a gorgeous ass that I could fuck all night long.
He is a pretty boy. I wish he would have smiled more and flirted with his audience. I could really enjoy an evening with this hot guy.
I give him 5*****
Fuck yeah!!! Just my type!!! I am so in love!!!
Beautiful Young Man w/ a gorgeous hard cock, nice balls and a very nice fuckable ass. Excellent ass shots. His glan / cockhead is also nice for sucking and deep throathing. love his bubble butt. He lacks a bit of sensuality in performing in front of a camera. But he is very attractive/ handsome.
All of the above are true. Ted has a pair perfectly round buns and a cabbage rose to die for!!!
Beautiful model and very sensuous. Good in front of the camera. I am jealous of the thick long hair. Sexy close-ups and hot money--shot! Love to see more of Ted.
great cock. love tall, slender guys. he'd be much more attractive with less hair. a smile would have been nice.his cum explosion was awesome.
Enjoyed it - all of it from head to toe from hole to hole!
A perfect show from this wonderful young man. Great to enjoy. +++
Ya know, Ted's cock is a perfect shape for deep throating with his cockhead hitting the back of your throat. Further, it starts out somewhat on the small size for you to work up with his hen sized nuts held tightly in his sac. Plus, his hard shaft is also perfect for fucking your butt with its thick round base supporting his slendor cockhead. The only thing with this Ted is he looked either bored or on something during his performance, not relating to his audience while restricting dinner together etc. I think his strength, for me at least, is sucking off his suckable cock and having him fuck me for ten or fifteen minutes before leaving.
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