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Tonda Smolda
February 19, 2013
Rating for this model: Tonda Smolda has been Rated 7.6 starsTonda Smolda has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 120
Photographer Rating: Tonda Smolda has been Rated 6.7 starsTonda Smolda has been Rated 6.7 stars  Total Votes: 95

Age:  20
Location:  Jilove u Prahy, CZ
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Martial Arts
Sport:  Boxing
Food:  Noodles
Music:  R&B
Produced by William Higgins
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20 year old Tonda Smolda comes to us from the Czech Republic! Tonda is a full time student at the local university and when he's not in class or appearing in Gay Porn, he's taking Martial Arts and Boxing classes! Tonda rubs his body all over, as he dresses down, revealing his uncut cock. In turning his back side to the camera, he displays his hairy ass, spreading his cheeks wide to give the camera a good view of his uber hairy sweet spot! Tonda lays back on the bench and out of the corner of the camera, in walks a mysterious man with a bottle of lube, ready to jump in and help Tonda with this session. The stranger applies the lube and begins rubbing Tonda all over his body, paying particular attention to his uncut tool! He closes his eyes and concentrates on the firm stroking action that is being applied to his cock. Not able to hold it back, Tonda sprays a creamy load across the top of the mystery man’s hand and across his abs and pubes!
Latest Comments:
What a BeYOUtiful pinkishhairy ass ! i could just imagine fucking this beautiful ass with a muscle control power the pleasure i would get with that ass sucking my penis with the push/pull motion ! Would be a pleasing delight !
Hairy body perfection.Good looking lovely cock.Would love to feel that thrusting in me and unleashing his cum.
@sexyjonny123, dloving & jmf00, Tonda is indeed uncut. He just has an extremely short foreskin. He's a definite 8 from me, the photo-shoot a 7.
Dont shave under arms
Now that is what a mans ass should look like.
Another outstanding young model from Higgins and this very HOT boi is a pleasure to behold.Most impressive hard cock displayed together with lovely balls and sac, however, this boi's greatest asset is the beautiful site below the "belt"..those incredible hairy legs and simply outstanding hairy ass and hole..absolute "hairy perfection" indeed...and to see this growth in a young 20 year old is a treat for us all. What a pleasure it would be to explore that hole deeply with a hot tongue and deep long hard fuck! Higgins is well known for his addition of "Helping Hands" from time to time and while this added feature could have been omitted,nevertheless, the "hand" does it job,producing a most acceptable cum explosion...oh for a taste test! Love this hot boi and with the beautiful hairy assets an outstanding presentation indeed!
Nice to see a really hot young dude with the boy next door sexyness. Impressive penis. Love all. THE. untrimmed hair. Hope to see him again in later years when he is in his prime.
A very hot hairy youngstud. A super com shot.++
A beautiful shot of a very sexy ass of A Beautiful hairy ASSHOLE ! lovely cum !
absolutely love that hairy ass!
I wouldn't mind being chained to him!!
2/19/12--Tonda ain't movie star handsome & is he really uncut?? These less importnat points set aside, I rate up there 8-9: fine big schlong w/ a nice curve--never saw hairier arse & sac wh/ pleases here. Don't feel strongly about helping hand BUT wouldn't like it too frequently overall. Heck, the "normal" guy brings himself there but maybe the slight 2nd cum (not impressive compared 1st go!!) wouldn't have appeared w/ot... But does that really matter ? What I really DIDN'T like was 20+ shots w/ Tonda eerect, contorted face but not YET cumming--6-8 of these would have been ample.
I liked the guy coming in to help him.
Cute guy. The hand coming in to masterbate Tonda was cool to watch, and that fountain of cum had my tongue hanging out. He is well put together, and nice assets.
Handsome young stud with all the right parts indeed - I can give him a noodle to play with!
What a cum shot!!!!
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Wish more strangers would appear to finish the job. Loved it!
Doesn't look uncut to me, BADPUPPY. Pay attention.
WOW!! Tonda is absolutely HOT!!--he is so sexy and gorgeous looking!-he has a really beautiful cut cock which is so errotic when fully errect and lovely balls-He has a very sexy arsehole which i would LOVE to get my long sensual tongue up inside and also LOVE to fuck his arsehole too!-as well as sucking and wanking his errect cut cock and sucking and licking his sexy balls-Also LOVE to kiss him passionately all over -mmmm!!-10 out 10 - more of Tonda please!!-love to see him in a sexy session with another sexy young guy!--HOT!!
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