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Honza Franzl & Lubosh
July 14, 2009
Rating for this model: Honza Franzl & Lubosh has been Rated 7.5 starsHonza Franzl & Lubosh has been Rated 7.5 stars Total Votes: 178
Photographer Rating: Honza Franzl & Lubosh has been Rated 4.0 starsHonza Franzl & Lubosh has been Rated 4.0 stars  Total Votes: 119

Model:  Honza Franzl
Age:  24
Location:  Prague
Job:  Barman
Hobby:  Cars, Movies, Sports
Sport:  Football
Food:  Healthy
Music:  Jazz
Model:  Lubosh
Age:  27
Location:  Moscow, Russia
Job:  legal aide / Student
Hobby:  Music and Men
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Pumpkin Piroshkis
Music:  Panika
Produced by William Higgins
Prepare yourself for one HOT fuck session with a hung uncut cock and a wide open hole! Honza & Lubosh go head to head, starting off with a passionate kiss leading down to some sloppy suck action. From front to back, Honza's tongue moves from Lubosh's tool to his anxious ass... eagerly awaiting Honza's huge piece of man meat.
Latest Comments:
7/20/13--Lub. still my favorite among them all--so glad he has this one vid. only among all 4 posts. Doesn't he flush nicely as cumming approaches & no wonder Honza spurts well w/ such a partner.
1/29/13--on the 8/9th time around just noticed re Lubosh: generally one can predict that the 1st/2nd/3rd spurts of an ejuclation will be the strongest & carry the furtherest. BUT NOT always, at least not w/ Lub: some 10 spurts emerge & then all of a sudden atronger one goes beyond his handsome navel. Variety as they say, is the spice of life; loving Lub as I do, glad he is providing some of that spice for me/us!!!
1/2/13--happy new yr., Lubosh--you're still my fav. & one of the best models & cummers ever !!!
10/1/12--22 forum posts: WHY, BP staff can't we read ANY of them ????
It is clear that Lubosh is the star! That's why he has started a real career. It's a pity that Mr Higgins couldn't hold him back for much much more ...
Honza (is he uncut as well ?; I think so) is more than OK but Lubosh is still fucking gorgeous w/ blond locks & lovely cock & balls. Interesting that his penis is hooded again by the time Honza pulls out & shoots his wad. Both are fine cummers.
Two months later & Lubash is still one of my top all time fav BP models. Both guys seem to speak "fucking English" but, hey: it's the body language, stupid & cumming--super abundant, I have to say, from L. Worth seeing every month if not every 2 wks. In part., tell Higgins more w/ L., pls !!!
What a gorgeous duo and video !! Lubosh is an old favorite here w/ curly locks, souful eyes and handsome Russian looks (a touch of the poet ?) not to mention an outstanding package and ability to fuck or be fucked in any position. Honza has about the best developed upper torso these aging eyes have seen and can grin (shit eating ?) while fucking. The orange/pink b'ground makes everything stand out so kudos this time to Higgins. A top 10 here to all concerned--BP, bring 'em back soonest !!
A hard working Russian man and a well willing Czech boy... Hot!
Two of my favs = hot boys doing what boys do best! thanks WH again!
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