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Jenicek Pernik
June 8, 2004
Rating for this model: Jenicek Pernik has been Rated 7.2 starsJenicek Pernik has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 522
Photographer Rating: Jenicek Pernik has been Rated 4.7 starsJenicek Pernik has been Rated 4.7 stars  Total Votes: 41

Age:  23
Location:  Louny, Czech republic
Job:  Barman
Hobby:  Modeling
Sport:  BasketBall
Food:  Bitochki
Music:  Tata Bojs
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
Where was this young man when I was touring the Czech Republic? Does he do any escorting on the side? How long did it take him to save up that amount of cum for this "SHOOT"? I am thoroughly smitten!
This is absolutely unfair! He's the Eastern European version of Prince Harry! Where do we sign-up for our own videos with him. What a gusher of a load to offer as well, and an ass hole to rim 'til he cums.Lots and lots of man-to-man sex for this young man. When can I CUM?
I wish for sex with this guy
Really sexy model with just the right amount of underarm and chest hair. A lovely load of thick cum too!!!
H. has some great shots of this super doll, great cock and balls shots but the overall impression is muted by the dumb shots of H's usual meaningless props and the repetition they entail. Janicek himself is as sexy as they cum! Wish I had had the chance to drink all the cream he spilled in these photos.
What an incredible piece of uncut meat. Magnificent!!!!
Jenicek, still desparate to drink your boy-juice till you are emptied. But this only after licking and nibbling on and sucking every part of your delicious body. What a great luring uncut cock. Want it ejaculating in my eager mouth. Love to kiss you sinking my tongue deep into your charming mouth and sucking your tongue. Your balls, phew! All of you I want; I need. Please cum for me.
What a cock, what balls, what boy-juice - and a handsome intelligent face too with appealing eyes. Great body for every kind of sexual pleasure. Were he near me I could not keep my hands off him, nor my tongue from his nipples, his pubes, and his super uncut prick and big balls. Love his buns too. Love Jenicek in all his parts. Never saw another beauty like this all the times I have been in Brussels!!! He must be a display piece.
Finally a relly cute model with hairy arm pockets, untrimed pubes and a body to die for. To top it off good cum shots that were in focus.
Drummer, I'd have no problem drinking down Jenicek's healthy load. In fact I could take twice as much gladly. He is a doll-baby and every bit of him gives delight and pleasure. Uncut pricks and big balls are the most.
a very lovable handsome model, with a kick-ass gorgeous naked body; has a dream cum true sweeet cock and balls, with a delightul beautiful ass. His cum load could drown the average cock swallower. Wish I grew up near this charming lad.
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