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February 11, 2010
Rating for this model: Lifemen has been Rated 7.0 starsLifemen has been Rated 7.0 stars Total Votes: 236
Photographer Rating: Lifemen has been Rated 3.8 starsLifemen has been Rated 3.8 stars  Total Votes: 158

Age:  22
Location:  Lithuania
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Basketball
Food:  Meat
Music:  Pop
Produced by TopsModels
Playful Euro stud Lifemen gets buck naked, showing off his tight bod, long uncut rod and ripped 6-pack. He whips around to spread his hairy hole and pushes his cock down between his legs, jerking off long and hard. He flips upside down to finish the job.
Latest Comments:
Really nice looking lad -magnif cock and ass - superb... BUT to my taste, he badly needs a director/photographer to butch him up a bit - his girley moves may just be his very young age, and that changes with alot of us guys as we get a few years older and slow down trying to be liked by everybody and begin to like ourselves a bit more 'n more. Soapbox time ends. Still, handsome face, magnificent ass and cock.
Dont shave under arms,not sexy. Woman shave, not real men!
Love this guy Hairy and sexy,Hot hot.
Really hot fellow - beautiful personality - must be a fun guy to know - his naughty attitude and great smile.
Hairy pubes , hairy arse , uncut - sorry what does his face look like!!!
This guy is totally my type of kid....hairy ass, legs, pubs....suckable cock....yum
What a beautiful man! A nice body, a great cock. Delicious.
delicious foreskin, beautiful cockhead, great load!!!!
Overall this boi presents not that bad of a total package however, might have been nice to see something in addition to the tub scene. We see a great uncut cock that grows nicely and produces a good substantial cum shot, but that beautiful hairy hole is impressive along with great hairy legs which both show so well wet...and what this Reviewer likes to see. One would think that wet hole just begs for deep attention....and presents this bois number one asset.
Sweet ass Eurostud! Nice fur cock and ass all attached to a great smile and a super shoot!
Impressive package, uncut like most Europeans but not handsome to these eyes. Cum shot looks real & close up, however so will rate him an 8.
What could be nicer than to have Lifemen shove is limp cock into your mouth to tickle the back of your throat . . . for starters . . .
Nice body but his facial expressions are very off putting.
This guy is so sexy. Have seen him on other websites, great sperm shoot, amazing hairy ass, long cock.....mmm!
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