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Martin Roslicek
October 10, 2006
Rating for this model: Martin Roslicek has been Rated 7.6 starsMartin Roslicek has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 636
Photographer Rating: Martin Roslicek has been Rated 5.8 starsMartin Roslicek has been Rated 5.8 stars  Total Votes: 33

Age:  19
Location:  Melnik, Czech Republic
Job:  Dishwasher
Hobby:  Cycling
Sport:  Racing
Food:  Pstruzi NaModro
Music:  Decline
Produced by William Higgins
Latest Comments:
1/29/13--unlike brvhrt, I don't expect to see 2 pricks on M., but what he does have is more than fine!! Agree w/ plantstud in wishing he was unshaven but certainly wd expect to have a fine aft/evening w/ him & butt to die for.
Hot body with sexy smooth chest and pits perfect for licking and nuzzling. Good looking with fantastic cocks, ass and legs. Would be great to see what he looks like now. WOOF!
Great Bottom
Poor thing looks like the proverbial "Deer caught in the headlights" !!!! Which is not to say that I wouldn't love to spend the rest of the year with my fat dick stuck up inside of his splendid butt..... Martin has enough ass for any three boys but I'd like to own all of it, to use and abuse at my discretion,,, wouldn't I feel lucky !!!! Wonder what he'll look like when he becomes a MAN ???
Martin is a very charming young man, awesome naked body. Beautiful cock and balls, An ass to love and lick. This photographer takes some hot pictures, but has one fetish I hate, I Could not find a single photo stand\ -up of Martin in his briefs, to save, that was not showing him in an ugly horsecollar (belt). I exagerate a little. Then I looked furiously for a single ass view of martin standing, but each had a third set of hands not his, pouring oil on his body. Finally I got aroused by the marvelous cum shot, wow.
A 10! Wished he didn't shave his pits but what a specimen of manhood! Spill his juice on me anytime!
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