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June 29, 2006
Rating for this model: Lubosh has been Rated 7.3 starsLubosh has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 616
Photographer Rating: Lubosh has been Rated 5.1 starsLubosh has been Rated 5.1 stars  Total Votes: 38

Age:  27
Location:  Moscow, Russia
Job:  legal aide / Student
Hobby:  Music and Men
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Pumpkin Piroshkis
Music:  Panika
Produced by EuroVids
Latest Comments:
7/20/13--ALWAYS glad to see more of BP's reigning royal stud--baffled that out of 4 posts he merits ONLY 1 video but hopefully it's not too late to bring him back perhaps w/ a gorgeous brunette or even redhead !!
Oh Lubosh aka Chad aka Ron: so sexy, so hot, so handsome!
A couple of years later and I 'm back for yet another visit with Lubosh.....I SURE WOULD LIKE TO FUCK THIS BOY !!! AND YES, I'M STILL JEALOUS OF THE FUCKING DILDO !!!!!
I never thought I would prefer to be a dildo, but I so wish I had the job of this one. Lubosh is absolutely one of the H O T E S T guys I've seen here and there seems to be no end of hot guys on badpuppy....... so this one gets the 'hotpuppy award,, as in " Hell yes!!! he sure is a "B A A A D PUPPY!!!!!"
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