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Ari Sylvio
September 3, 2011
Rating for this model: Ari Sylvio has been Rated 7.3 starsAri Sylvio has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 162
Photographer Rating: Ari Sylvio has been Rated 6.5 starsAri Sylvio has been Rated 6.5 stars  Total Votes: 129

Age:  34
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Job:  Caregiver
Hobby:  Reading
Sport:  Gym
Food:  Sushi
Music:  Dance
Produced by Gio Caruso
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Ari Sylvio comes to us from Los Angeles, CA, where he's a full time Caregiver. When not taking care of his patients, he spends most of his time in the gym. Ari loves to show off, as you'll see in this video. After a few stretches, Ari removes his shirt, exposing his fit body! He drops his gym shorts and begins rubbing his body all over. Ari lays down and shows us just how flexible he really is. He's tight, sore and ready to release and relax, but not before horning you up with his performance! Leaning back stroking his cock, he rolls back and begins fingering his hole. Moving his attention and yours to his rock hard cock, as he strokes it, thumping it showing you just how hard it is! Ari is quite the exhibitionist and would like nothing more than to have you right there with him as a part of the action. With some firm stroking action Ari says he's about to blow his load and he was not lying, he shot out a thick creamy river of cum. Now Ari reached total relaxation!
Latest Comments:
7/20/13--Ari in his prime @ 34; nice bod ENHANCED w/ fur & plentiful cum !!
always enjoy when Ari is on screen. Such a waste though, cum licker here could do with some of that!!!
A great demonstration of manpower. A real man.++
This is the first time I have seen Ari, he sure knos how to work the camera and really enjoys showing off his body and that is good because he has a beautiful body. It worked for me he sureworked it up and we got what we wanted one big splash. good show!
Way too much self-adoration and fake moans and self-conversation ..... fake makes for boring.
Perfect body and just the right amount of fur. Would love to service this stud!!
Ari is soooooo HOT. He has replaced some of my favorites of yore. Fantastic body, smile, cock, balls, everything!!! I hope to have another look-see later today and join him in the festivities of the cock. I am in love!!! I will think of nothing but him untiil the more coonvenient time except for the longing in my crotch.
Ari is a beauty. Face, body, the whole package. His circumcision is perfect. Please feature more studs like him.
always good to see him,he is so cute! love his smile and his way of speaking. plus his body is fantastic
Are there still Idiots behind the camera??
This guys is fantastic. Would love to see him with someone else - barebacking with his partner would really be super.
I don't care about his past... I think this performance was really personal. I felt a very private connection as I watched... If he is a "star" then it is well earned! Bravo...
very nice looking guy, hot body, nice cock, very hot....
Unbelievable! I was totally impressed by his smile, by his conversation, by his everything!
He's a mjor porn star, has bottomed for virtually every studio (topped sometimes) and has eaten a lot of cum on screen. He's an absolutely sensational and enthusiastic performer.
Ari Sylvio has also appeared in Club Amateur USA on Badpuppy. His session there is in their 2009 Archives. He is quite a pro...really knows how to show his great body to the best advantage. It's always nice to see him again.
Sept 3 Awesome is truly the word for him! Really interactive with hot dialog and great cum shot!
Ari Sylvio ... awesome but i was surprise u dont mention he is a porn star. also, i've seen him in and others. However, it doesnt . He is a pro and he sure was sexy sensual & awesome. Love his hard cock & balls. Enjoyed his performance.
Sweet ass looking guy - and all the fur too! He could take care of anything he wants and show a nice load of manjooooce...hope the vid is as good!
one hot stud
The talking is a real turn on. This was one of the best videos. nice load and great body. loved it.
had a good wank watching that guy. loved his showing last a real man having a good time in front of the camera...
I really thought this guy was hot. Loved his talking and his showing off. Nice bod -- some fur, not tats - I would love to give him some care.
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