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July 2, 2011
Rating for this model: Brock has been Rated 7.7 starsBrock has been Rated 7.7 stars Total Votes: 230
Photographer Rating: Brock has been Rated 6.6 starsBrock has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 168

Age:  22
Location:  Seattle, WA
Job:  Bike Mechanic
Hobby:  Dancing
Sport:  Football
Food:  Steak
Music:  Hip-Hop
Produced by Red Clay
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Brock is 22 years old and is from Seattle WA. Brock is a Bike Mechanic by day and loves to go out dancing and play football with the guys after work! Brock is here to jack off for you and show you what he's got! He strips down and sits in the chair, taking hold of his cock and begins to stroke for you! He stands up and when he does, you can see his well developed body and his thick thighs! Brock shows off doing some push ups for you, along with a few crunches! Now that he's warmed up, he's ready to take you through to the finish line. Brock grips his cock, holding his balls with the other hand and begins stroking hard and fast! He ends with a white creamy cumshot across his abs, along with a huge sigh of relief, with his release!
Latest Comments:
wow.. beautiful cock and balls.. loved his hairy ass.. nice face also.
Brock didn't have a good personality, and never smiled. I like it when a guy cums with gusto, and he didn't deliver...Hardly a heavy breath.
A nice type.+
If Brock is a bike mechanic,,, I imagine he might spend quite a lot of time pumping the peddles, which would account for those giant, juicy quads and butt.... a 'sprinter' I imagine, long distance bikers have thiner legs. I never like coming in first,,, too many hot asses in front of me!!!! wouldn't mind pulling over for a piece of his hole.... talk about a marathon! In that case, I win every time!!!
Why hasn't Brock been back for an action scene?
Brock used to be with Corbin Fisher; he was Aaron II.
Tight and well defined gr8 body paired with a BIG cock. Gr8 legs and a Bubble Butt to die for. This guy is off the hook gorgeous. Dayum, he looks like a dream cum true. A definite 10 if I ever saw one. For a man to be way cute, butch and very HAWT at the same time is not very easy however, Brock seems to be all of this and more :)
Good work Badpuppy till u dumped my feed, something that happens a lot with your vidios. As far as Brock, he sure gets it with the thighs, what quads; and the rest is very nice as well. Sure wish I could have seen the cum shot.
I just love his cock !and that ass is sweet !
Hot guy, shot well. One technical complaint, there's major interlacing on the HD version of this video, gets highly distracting with his rapid hand movements! Remember to deinterlace before encoding!
Shut The Front Door! Finally, a real, hot, handsome, attractive man! Not shaved, or boyish. A real great looking man. Thank you Bad Puppy! Keep them coming and I'll continue my long-running subscription. Please tell us where we can see more of Brock! What a fine looking manly man! Whew...I just arrived....!
Well worked out and nice mucles without overdoing it. The cock is attractively hung on this boy. The camera should have been positioned from the side to see the juice flow. Let's see more of Brock in action!
wow.... fantastic body... love his hairy ass.. great face.. thanks
When can I marry Brock?
AWESOME AMERICAN PIE ! Beautiful body. love his cock. disppointed no ass pic and scanty juicy cream. BUTT as a whole ... " WHOLESOME "
Thank you for a MR USA just in time for the 4th of July ! He is fabulous
I agree with modbobby..If only we'd seen his hole...
yes P L E A S E ! (please)
Now here's a fine example of all American muscle and meat with some fur. A far cry better than all the European hairless little boys. Absolutely what I signed up for with Bad Puppy many years ago. More like Brock here and I could reconsider not renewing with BP in the future. What a body, cock legs and ass -ooh that hairy ass makes my tongue hard.
Where can I get me one of that!!!
Quit a body, Nice face too. Wouldn't mind spending the night with him.
Love that furry guy. Bet he tastes good too.
I'd like to see more of him. He is a fourth of July fire cracker!
Love his legs, so beefy and masculine. Sexy model ! And short too ! Love it all !
awesomely hot guy! body is perfect. wish i lived in seattle...
Great looking American Pie - awesome body and he has all his fur intact! Hope his vid has more enthusiasmmmm....still a 4th of July treat!
he is good looking nice body nice cock nice hairy pubes. But i didn't like the cum shot. you couldn't see the shooting out. I think the prop of the chair was the problem. he would have been better off on the floor with his body extended.
It's about time you brought some Americans Back !!
Outstanding body, fantastic legs and shoulders, beautiful cut cock and goodlooking man. I can tolerate the light hair on a stud like this. WOOF!
Brock has a gorgeous torso, fabulous thighs, a cock to make one's mouth water, a perfect rear end and beautiful legs. He seemes, however, to be quite uninvolved and with a "let's just get it over with" attitude. I am sure that many will disagree with me, but I wouldn't mind cheering him up a bit.
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