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Denis Reed
October 4, 2012
Rating for this model: Denis Reed has been Rated 8.3 starsDenis Reed has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 175
Photographer Rating: Denis Reed has been Rated 7.0 starsDenis Reed has been Rated 7.0 stars  Total Votes: 135

Age:  27
Location:  Prague, CZ
Job:  Mechanic
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Fishing
Food:  Italian
Music:  Disco
Produced by Lykos Popovic
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27 year old Denis Reed is a Mechanic from the Czech Republic. He is off work for the day and wants to rub out some frustration accumulated over the hard work week. He begins rubbing himself, turning so you can view his tight bubble butt, housed in his white briefs. As he squeezes his cheeks, he becomes hornier than prior. The jeans come off and his attention is focused on his uncut cock, rubbing through his tighty whitey briefs! The monster cock comes out and with a firm hand; Denis gives it the attention it deserves. On his knees, he turns showing off his bare backside this time, massaging his love hole, doing a little rubbing and tugging on his tool. Sitting back on the couch, he adds some stimulating lube, giving his hole, cock and balls a good work out! Denis feels his peak nearing, as he begins stroking fast and furious, delivering a thick creamy load across his tight abs, relieving his accumulated frustration from this past week.
Latest Comments:
AWESOME ! BEyouTIFUL GORGEOUS cock ! great HANGING BALLS ! nice ass ! a pleasure to watch HIM !
And now I really want to lick the delicious load off his hairy body and swallow it...absolutely gorgeous!!!
Hot and agreeable - what a wonderful man! Great cock, nice balls, a hot ass - and a manly body. Georgous. Thanks. +++
MAN ! this guy is awesome. sexy HOT ! gorgeous cock. it was a pleasure seeing him in action. wish i have a nite w/ this guy !
nice gentleman w/ a gorgeous cock / balls. nice body w/ hair in the right places. nice smile. Very HOT !
Working in the porn industry for years, I've had the pleasure of watching Denis grow from a young teen just starting out in the porn industry to the good looking young man he is here. He's always impressed me and no matter how many times I see him, I still find myself wanting to watch his appearances, be it a solo, duo or group scene.
Hot hairy, good looking man.Great smile and body.
He has always been my favorite for years! It is nice to see him again and I love his newly hairy chest. I agree about the shaved bits though. Hopefully there will be more of him soon
PPS 10/12--still from this corner: lots of smiles & moans, plenty of fine golden hair, but where is the beef juice, big man ???
How'd I miss this hot hunk the firsgt time around?
i love i love i want so bad
Hot studpuppy with excellent body and fantastic smooth cock & balls. The strawberry blond hair makes it tolerable over his chest and abs, as well as that adorable smile. WOOF!
to bad his ass and bunz r shaved. the hair on his torso looks fantastic - a sweet young looking "man"!
Happy to provide "dloving" with a short list of names that this hot boi has been known to use:,,, Sven Capsson,Joe Elis, Janny Husek,Jan Vector,Paul Rasscal, Ian Voight AND DENIS READ. You might want to check for him under these mentioned, but suffice to say, whatever name he uses, it will still be one hot fucki production. Check it out! May I echo again:...he is truly a beaut!
PS: for an offset to earlier post, w/ a balls/sac report,Denis has 'em hanging low even sec's before cumming, has 'em hanging even not w/ one lower as is often the case, & I seem to see just a bit of handsome golden fur still on the sac. Perhaps we're all agreed that Denis merits close & careful examination. Can other provide other names he has worked as ??
Absolutely love this HOT boi..and although not a Twink at 27,he could certainly pass for one. He has many movies and scenes to his credit and is a well known Porn Star from Europe. What beautiful blonde features,gorgeous hairy chest and legs,lovely treasure trail leading to that fantastic hard cock. While both the low hangers and ass have been shaved, both seem to call for a succulent mouth to a taste, and what a pleasure that would be... in fact a hard fuck would appear a good move too from looking at that beautiful accepting hole. This hottie is versatile and bi (from other bios on him) and has enjoyed a most successful Porn career doing everthing rom barebacking to bisexual porn for some of the top Studios-(Higgins for one) and one should certainly check these out. A most winning production here and this boi is most worthy of an overall high rating!
Whoa!!!Loved it!! Beautiful Body and what a beautiful cock!!
nice body nice body hair nice cock nice balls nice ass nice smile ... HOT ! a pleasure !
10/4/12--hoped for rather more from this golden hunk. A big package indeed, pleasing to see BUT then he can't shoot further than his navel !! This has been true of many mods recently--does it indicate that they need some orders (not just coaching) on saving up.
Whatever name he uses in his career he has always been a hunk. I love all his hairy body parts.
Nice smile. Nice bod. He looks at the camera. He gets my vote.
Exhibitionism Star,I would give him more than two Thumbs up.
This guy is all man. and the most wonderful body to look at nice chest and nice big cock. would like to have that all day long also which I could have him for my mechanic. I would be there every day with my car. bad puppy this the kind people that you need to be for your model instead the little sissy that was there a day ago.
This guy's long career in the business, starting out too hot to touch with WH, is marked by his gentleman awareness of the other suckors and fuckees despite his carrying around the best equipment for sucking fucking allowed. Always a wonderful pleasure to watch doing his thing. A fun guy.
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