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Dorio & Dolph
June 19, 2013
Rating for this model: Dorio & Dolph has been Rated 6.1 starsDorio & Dolph has been Rated 6.1 stars Total Votes: 67
Photographer Rating: Dorio & Dolph has been Rated 5.5 starsDorio & Dolph has been Rated 5.5 stars  Total Votes: 56

Model:  Dorio
Age:  22
Location:  Czech Republic
Job:  Escort
Hobby:  Soccer
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Chinese
Music:  House
Model:  Dolph
Age:  26
Location:  Czech Republic
Job:  Mason
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Tennis
Food:  Everything
Music:  Folk
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Dorio & Dolph return from classes & decide to have a little workout with the barbells. Pretty soon Dolph begins massaging Dorio's biceps & then vice versa. Dorio goes a step further massaging Dolph's chest. Well, one thing leads to another, and their soon kissing & licking their way across each other's bodies. Dorio's got compact, tight, tattooed build, and he's quite adept at pounding Dolph's ass. Dolph's one tall drink of water who takes a nice-sized dildo & Dorio's hard cock like a champ.
Latest Comments:
A wonderful pairing. Why do Eupeans seem so much more comfortable with their sexuality than we do? I like the taller, older bottom better for myself. I'd lovento make him happy.
A very sexy pairing, they compliment each other beautifully with their different body types. Good Job.
not really exciting. good enough but nothing extraordinaire !
6/20/13--both lookers if not moviestars. Dorio has tats way beyond what I'd find handsome or even acceptable but strange & intriguing how much sperm adheres to penis head and shaft.
Dolph, the bottom, began as Jan Mendel at Higgins, where he is self-identified as gay, looking for a boyfriend. He also appeared in several movies as Toffy, and several other sites as Ivo and Toffy, all bareback, cum eating scenes. The other guy is very hot and familiar but cannot place him--can anyone ID him under his usual name? Scene is not up to Mendel's standards--he's usually a wild man, this is restrained, for him.
Nice enough models but poor (that's being kind) stills photography (I haven't watched the video yet). No clear view of either man's complete naked body, together or separately. No sight of Dorio's whole dick at all, just a few 'tips'; 5 almost identical, poor views of Dolph's when he's being pounded. Almost half the pictures until one has his clothes almost completely off. And most (are there any?) aren't sharp. The photographer has some way to go before working for BelAmi. Can I be bothered to watch the movie?
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