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Jason Vault
December 6, 2012
Rating for this model: Jason Vault has been Rated 5.8 starsJason Vault has been Rated 5.8 stars Total Votes: 104
Photographer Rating: Jason Vault has been Rated 5.8 starsJason Vault has been Rated 5.8 stars  Total Votes: 84

Age:  35
Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Job:  Construction
Hobby:  Martial Arts
Sport:  Kickboxing
Food:  Red Meat
Music:  U2
Produced by GK Image Studio
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Jason Vault comes to us from north of the border, Montreal, Canada. At 35, Jason is a perfect specimen of manhood and he is going to show you every inch of his well toned muscle machine while he verbally interacts with you. Jason slowly undresses as he entices you to see every bulge of every vain of every muscle. Jason continues to flex while rubbing himself with his hands and playing his erect nipples. Soon he is showing his favorite muscle of all, his super hard uncut cock. Unlike most body builders, Jason's nuts are large, full and hang nicely below his dick. You could bounce a quarter of his muscular bubble butt. Jason continues to verbally allure you into his world until he unloads his cum filled nuts all over his tight abs.
Latest Comments:
Not 35. Looks more like 40.
BP: more body builder types, please. He's hot!
12/9/12--I thought Jason was really TOO BULKED up & over-tattooed. No movie-star handsome to eyes here & gives himself too much praise. It is a fab cock & balls BUT where was the EXTRA large load? And why wipe it up so soon leaving us insufficient time to "savour" it. That said, like the simiter upward curve & cock twitching is always fun.
8 Dec Fabulous fuck!!
Nice cock!
Jason is a hot hunk!
Can anybody say "tea bagging"!
Hot Kannnuuuukkk! Would be fun to melt some snow with him!
He lied about his age? :)
There is no way on this earth that he is 35!!
Hot smooth muscular body, excellent ass, fantastic legs and arms, smokin' hard cock. WOOF!
This guy is 100 percent in every way. Please have him back soon and often. t
he has a nice body for a 35 year old man. he also shoot a nice load. I think that he could be fun in the bed.
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