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Jayden Ellis
January 19, 2013
Rating for this model: Jayden Ellis has been Rated 8.2 starsJayden Ellis has been Rated 8.2 stars Total Votes: 149
Photographer Rating: Jayden Ellis has been Rated 7.4 starsJayden Ellis has been Rated 7.4 stars  Total Votes: 119

Age:  24
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia
Job:  Restaurant Supervisor
Hobby:  Running
Sport:  Baseball
Food:  BBQ Chicken
Music:  Pop
Produced by Mick Hicks
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Jayden Ellis is a 24 year old Stud from Atlanta, Georgia. When he's not managing the restaurant where he's employed, he loves to run! There are times that he will run 10 miles a day! Can you say stamina? After Jayden introduces himself, he gets right down to business, rubbing and caressing his body. He unzips his pants and reveals his perfectly shaped cut cock, already standing tall with very little effort! He strokes his cock, while fondling his balls, becoming horny as hell. After clearing an area of the desk, he leans back and begins working his tool. His pants and briefs come off and he plays with the pre cum dripping from the tip of his penis. While laid back, Jayden begins massaging his hole, before fingering himself. With one leg up on the table and the other on the floor, he turns his backside to the camera and gives great view of his throbbing hole. After a bit more stroking he blows his load, squirting a creamy stream across the top of a work folder on his desk!
Latest Comments:
JAYDEH is one handsome guy with most beautiful body and luscious features, cock, balls sweet ass and hole slit. I enjoyed his handsome smile troughout, He could do me any way he wanted and do his beautiful snile. great photogrqphy, thanis, badpuupy for this excellent production.
good looking guy gorgeous cock hot ass nice balls great body ! how i wish i have him tonite to fuck my hungry man-hole !
Loved the relaxed asshole pucker. Vid was so hot showing it that you can practically smell it! Wish more guys would let go and display their shitholes like that. He loved showing it.
A very nice boy with a great ass. I like him.+++
Fantastic cum shot,love to swallow that cum!
Cute model but seriously, someone Google Prostate.. it's located BEHIND the pubic bone and just above and behind the Corpus Cavernosum. It's not something we can see pulsating from the outside. Its that part of the body the doctor tells you to bend over and cough to check. It doesn't ooze anything and if it did, a photo shoot wouldn't be the first thing on the models mind unless he was a total idiot.
PS 1/28/13--not a bad cum shot BUT my usual complaint: where is the jism velocity we used to see?? J. doesn't even shoot off the end of black folder!!
awesome nice fuckable ass ! i went biserk watching him ! AND what a sexy cumshot finale ! HOT DUDE !
Just where, can we see more of him?" He is so Dam Hot! WOW I would pay him... for sure....
This dude has a great body, balls, and he knows how to make that prostate ooze out pre-cum a drop at time. Way HOT. Very hot in getting that nice load off. Would love to eat that.
Jayden Ellis is one HOT American PIE ! My ! Oh ! My ! and how ! Love his hot beautiful arse and the way he played w/ it. I bit he is enjoying to fuck ! I enjoyed watching him ! gorgeous cock and a very nice cum. Oh ! the moaning added sexiness to it !
Gingers on top - Gingers on bottom - Gingers all around are HOT as HELL - this boy got some parts that can make any man happy, any where, any time, all the time!
There is a Jayden Ellis who is a porn star. They kind of look alike. google him
Mick Hicks has good taste. Thanks, Jayden!
Finally an all american southern boi that is fucking gorgeous. Great face and perfect round nipples. Loved the cock and his asshole. Love to get my tongue on both. Great cum shot and loved the moaning. Hope to see him in a duo scene with another hot american. Me lol
Ginger guys do it for me and he is no exception.Good looking,great body and he could do anything to me with his cock,fuck me and cum inside would be perfect just as long as he didn't smile!
Really cute, my type of guy
1/19/13--Jayden may lack a treasure trail but not the treasure one wd hope to find at the end: fine package, shit eating grin & delicious auburn tints (too bad he's not a real red head!!) round out a most attractive package. Do put him in a duo where he might be "absolutely adorable."
At last! Someone from the US! And what a perfect body. No tats. No peircings. Let's go!!!!
What à Nice boy with a manly cock and a sexy grin. He is made for man to man sex. His cock is beautifully shaped with a fat helmet. Yummy.
Hot smooth studpuppy with sexy ginger hair and and adorable smile. Lucisous big cock and sweet delectible ass. WOOF!
Absolutely adorable! I'd eat at his restaurant any day!!
Fuckiung beautiful!!!! Love those shots of his "brown eye"!
HOT. More gingers- they have the prettiest cocks and assholes. Love the blue and red veins. He would never have to jo if he were my buddy!
love him i s gay, smooth bod great look love his ass would love to eat ir and have him fuck me hard and cum inside me
Ginger! Love me some ginger!
He got a nice body and I see a trace of red hair there. he has nice cock and and nice ass also shot a very nice load. I would love to do him for a night.
Hot dude, really spontaneous cum shot!
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