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July 3, 2013
Rating for this model: Keda has been Rated 6.1 starsKeda has been Rated 6.1 stars Total Votes: 82
Photographer Rating: Keda has been Rated 5.4 starsKeda has been Rated 5.4 stars  Total Votes: 68

Age:  27
Location:  Budapest, Hungary
Job:  Trainer
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Boxing
Food:  Pizza
Music:  House
Produced by Joe Budai
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Keda starts out with a little bit of a workout & pretty soon, he's down to his bright orange CKs & showing us one helluva furry butt. Keda is strikingly handsome with dark eyes, hair, & complexion. With nicely trimmed fur all over this built Hungarian guy, it doesn't take Keda long for his thick uncut to be waving at the camera & us.
Latest Comments:
9/24/13--intriguing that the first sperm spurt goes nowher but spreads out to cover dome at end of shaft. Have seldom if ever senn this before!!
@mhrose & dloving please check pic it clearly shows that Keda is uncut.
G'mornin', guys... If you go to the closeup images of Keda showing off his precum, you can see his foreskin pulled up a bit over the head. And I'm with all of you, this man is GORGEOUS! :)
Beautiful cut cock!!!! nice and hairy!! he is awesome. Photography is great!!
Asbsolutely beautiful man....a bit too manscaped but fucking gorgeous!
7/4/13@19'15" MHRose may be right; I'm not so sure Keda is UNcut. But beautiful butt & handsome enuf w/ a nice smile when he chooses. Hit7 could enlighten me/us--don't catch meaning of Spencer shows.
A very sexy man. Too bad he's cut. My guess...too straight. No touch. Disapointing but makes me want him.
Those Spencer shows are a waste of time....seriously.....
awesome package ! Handsome Youngman. Gorgeous cock, Beautiful BUTT. nice Man-hole ! just huggable !
He has a very nice body and a nice furry butt. love to lick it and then eat his uncut cock. also like to lick him from his head to his feet.
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