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Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves
November 24, 2011
Rating for this model: Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves has been Rated 7.9 starsRyan Wild & Nick Reeves has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 154
Photographer Rating: Ryan Wild & Nick Reeves has been Rated 6.8 starsRyan Wild & Nick Reeves has been Rated 6.8 stars  Total Votes: 125

Model:  Ryan Wild
Age:  19
Location:  Portland OR
Job:  Unemployed
Hobby:  Dirtbikes and Skateboarding
Sport:  Motorcross
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Hip-Hop
Model:  Nick Reeves
Age:  20
Location:  Santa Rosa, CA
Job:  Retail
Hobby:  Skateboarding
Sport:  Football
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Rap
Produced by Mick Hicks
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19 year old Ryan Wild is from Portland Oregon and 20 year old Nick Reeves is from Santa Rosa, CA. This cute duo has wanted to do an action shoot together and Badpuppy members are first witness. As the boys kiss, they begin undressing each other. Nick pulls out Ryan's cock and begins some sucking and tongue play. Ryan wanting in on the action begins to devour Nick's tool! Nick is not done, going back for desert! They stand, stroking each other's cocks simultaneously. The pants come off for some side by side jerking, just before Ryan begins going down on Nick again. Nick on his knee's gets fingered by Ryan before the fucking begins. Ryan takes it slow since Nick's hole is tight! Once he loosens him up, the ass plowing begins with the bed shaking like its going break. Ryan sits back on the bed and Nick straddles him and takes him for a ride! On his back, Nick blows a big load across his torso. Ryan pulls out, removing the condom and letting lose with a huge cum shot up to Nick's face.
Latest Comments:
Ryan is very cute here and Nick is just so adorable. Two young men who i feel have very good potential to grow better later.
very nice for sure love the talking and enjoying each other.
Sensational fuck-buddies. very HOT ! HOT couple !
What a pair of VERY hot young guys fucking the way we love it. Their young bodies drive me wild and the cum shots were great !!
two beautiful boys - except for the ink. I love to hear them talking to each other - in English. Who cares if it's not great prose. After all, this is sex, not oratory.
11/26/11--fine fucking but coach them NOT to use that or anyother 1 word 40 times in under 20 mins. But when you are young, that cute & cum if even not super plentifully for us viewers, you get a hi mark, 9 or so here.
Very nice, overall! I especially like Ryan.
I'm not sure which of these guys I like best. Ryan is so hot and a great top, and Nick has the sweetest hanging balls and a suckable cock tip. Both cum loads were A++. I'd love to see more of these two! WOW.
Two young guys enjoying loving each other. Great bodies, good moves, showing off the normal for male fun.
Great set of boys doing the wild thing to each other - hot bodies, hot ink, sweet shots and the vid was equally as cockstirring - better meat than any Turkeyday dinner! MMMmmmm, more please!
Hot couple of smooth and sexy bodied studpuppies. WOOF!
I agree with "armstrong." If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything! The boys are hot, Ryan's tats are really sexy (especially the back plate) and the blow jobs were better than the fucking. But I enjoyed the young meat on this Thanksgiving morning!
Bp is having a vintage few weeks. Yet another hot duo for our pleasure. Ryan is a real beauty and featured in a real hot solo earlier this year.
These two twinks are hot, but who decided that the terms "Fuck yeah" used together should be the stock response to everything in a gay porn scene?
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