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Ryan Wild
August 25, 2011
Rating for this model: Ryan Wild has been Rated 7.8 starsRyan Wild has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 194
Photographer Rating: Ryan Wild has been Rated 6.7 starsRyan Wild has been Rated 6.7 stars  Total Votes: 158

Age:  19
Location:  Portland OR
Job:  Unemployed
Hobby:  Dirtbikes and Skateboarding
Sport:  Motorcross
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Hip-Hop
Produced by Mick Hicks
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19 year old Ryan Wild comes to us from Portland Oregon. Ryan loves riding his long board and motorcycles with every opportunity! Ryan has become obsessed with a wish to Jack off in front of the camera and what better way to fulfill than to do a jack off shoot for Badpuppy! He starts by rubbing his package, through his board shorts and pinching his nipples. Ryan pulls out his one eyed monster and begins stroking. The shorts come off, followed by his boxers and Ryan lays back and away he goes. With his cock hard and thick, Ryan turns to his knees, leaning over while massaging and fingers his hole. With his manhood hanging down, balls and all, Ryan strokes himself and rubs his dick on the shag carpet, giving it some friction. As he turns over to his back, he immediately grabs hold and starts stroking fast and hard, resulting in a spurting cum shot across his chest and stomach! He finishes with a finger full of cum, licked from his finger, stating "That was a helluva fun".
Latest Comments:
totally likeable young guy ! beautiful ass ! luv his smile. i love RYAN !
Ryan Wild ... and wild he goes. captivating smiles, nice cock & ball, beautiful cum. nice job !
Ryan is very handsome and has a smile that makes one want to kiss kiss hime tongue in tongue. And a most beautifull ass with a hole one loves to plunge into. His awesome cock is so suckable wwth the sweet soft head on that juicy cock and lovely tite bllsack. This is one gorgeous modle and the photo work is really great. love this young man.
this guy's body is totally wonderful - i love the small amount of hair around his ass. so lickable x love his cock, his body and his tatoo. his face is amazing too. :D
reminds me of actor sam clark
8/27/11-Agree w/ those who wd prefer more pubes & less ink, BUT on the bright side (his flushed chest & face incumming) no tats visible then and unlike many recent mods, enuf velocity to propel first spurts up to his cute/ pert nips. A nice smile should help him get a job in porn if not elsewhere--that's his choice.
What a bad photographer!!!!
Excellent smooth body, sweet cock, great cum shot, beautiful butt. WOOF!
great looking suckable!
One yummy butt and and everything in between - I think with his tats he is hot and he can only be more interesting in a position with another hottie - right on that skateboard!
Agree with phoque and drawde. A real shame about the tatts, and some pubes would be nice, but in any case - phwoar!
nice butt. absolutely ridiculous ink.
Absolute perfection.. a solid 10 for me. Couldn't improve on Ryan at all. A natural high like no other if just a few hrs. with this boy.
sorry.. the moment i saw that awful tat on his back i turned off the video.. but did like the smiles.. he should be having fun after all.. thanks.
Ryan is super dupper. Attractive with balls. What a combo. Nice ass and power load. He scores with me!
Loved the smiling in the photos! The video is not such a steady stream of smiles . . . but that provides enough contrast.
the guy is hot, even though he is younger, nice kept body, nice cock, yummy all over.....
Very shaggable!
I'd let Ryan drive me wild any time!!
I had just decided that I could look past the ridiculous tats when Ryan spoke at the end of the video.
I'm totally not into twinks but this young guy is really, really cute. He is in danger of ruining his body with the tattoos so let's hope that he has called it a day and won't have any more done. All told, a really good show from Ryan.
But for the ink-work, Ryan would be a wild eleven or twelve. It's just a shame the photography, specifically the setting, didn't match the quality of the model.
No shaving PLEASE. And please don't smile so much.
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