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Sean Savoy
January 5, 2013
Rating for this model: Sean Savoy has been Rated 6.7 starsSean Savoy has been Rated 6.7 stars Total Votes: 118
Photographer Rating: Sean Savoy has been Rated 5.0 starsSean Savoy has been Rated 5.0 stars  Total Votes: 95

Age:  23
Location:  Blackpool, England
Job:  Model
Hobby:  Boxing
Sport:  Kickboxing
Food:  Steak
Music:  Mumford & Sons
Produced by Monstah Media
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Sean Savoy is a 23 year old that enjoys boxing when he can find the time. He enjoys it so much that when he puts on his gloves his dick starts to harden almost immediately. Here we catch up with him as he starts his workout but it's not long before that raging boner in his workout pants is getting all of his attention. Sean can't resist the urge any longer, so off come the gloves and the self groping begins. He manhandles his fat cock with his cloth-wrapped hands at first enjoying the feel of the rough material sliding across his throbbing shaft. After some playful penile bondage with the cloth-wrappings from one of his hands, Sean continues to stroke his meaty member until he coats the top of a nearby 55 gallon drum with his man seed.
Latest Comments:
Sean is not only a looker...he is also a very nice person...he used to live in my home town (Blackpool/England) and I know him personally...although he might not know that I know that he is doing porn now...LOL...keep it stiff, Sean!!!
Sexy young man, probably straight. A rent boy??? the end - after masturbating - a great cumshot..++
@stickmantoo Did you miss the boxing gloves hanging off his shoulder to indicate he's a boxer? Or the fact it looks like he's taken one too many to the head. As for Dloving... a slit like that only comes from two things I know of... dry jacking, and bareback.
PS--then he cums a bunch nicely w/ some nowadays longer spurts--no treasure trail under a king sized navel, so I'll rate a 7.5 after all.
1/5/13--Sean has looks (relativly at least)but why on earth can't we see his sac ??? Horrible scars, only one is down, ?? Heaven knows his piss slit not deformed but big enuf for 2 !!
there's nothing xtraordenaire in this handsome youngman's video XCEPT his gorgeous cock & cum EXPLOSION !
Good looking guy badly photographed. About 30 shots to show he's a boxer, about 10 to show his bum. Only one with an unobstructed view of his dick and balls which were otherwise covered by clothing, bandages or hands. And the images are often not sharp. Come on mr. photographer!! Hardly a good ad for the video.
handsome young man too bad the photographer did not do him justice
Sean is not a bad looking young man. he sure know to to shoot a nice load. and I love his michigan pants it a great state.
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