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Tobias & Joni
December 8, 2012
Rating for this model: Tobias & Joni has been Rated 7.1 starsTobias & Joni has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 89
Photographer Rating: Tobias & Joni has been Rated 6.2 starsTobias & Joni has been Rated 6.2 stars  Total Votes: 66

Model:  Tobias
Age:  20
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job:  Dance Teacher
Hobby:  Listening To Music
Sport:  Running
Food:  R&B
Music:  McDonalds
Model:  Joni
Age:  22
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Watching Movies
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Pasta
Music:  Country
Produced by Andy Monaco
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20 year old Tobias and 22 year old Joni, both come to us from Argentina. Tobias is a Professional Dance Instructor, specializing in Salsa and Joni is a full time student at their local university. These uncut studs frolic and make out, like the young playful guys that they are. You can see that they truly enjoy each other’s bodies fully; touching, sucking, stroking and fondling each other’s holes before getting down to business. Joni, now wearing his condom, has lube applied to his stiff rod and Tobias straddles and mounts his throbbing cock, taking him for a ride. Tobias dismounts, while Joni loses the condom and delivers a creamy load across his lower torso. His focus is now on Joni, who lays back while Tobias fingers his hole, while licking and sucking his balls. Joni takes his own cock in and strokes hard and fast, squirting his own creamy load across his pubes! Tobias finishes by sucking his cock clean.
Latest Comments:
Wow...Nice couple...
Cute models and it looks like they had fun doing the photo shoot. Overall I thought the photography was good however I would have used a light box behind the models during the fuck scene but that's up to the photographer as to what effect he or she wants to create. Would like to see these models again sometime.
These hadnsome boys really get into each other. I like the hair. Nice video.
Two very HOT young men that made me get more than just a smile - super hot bodies and some great M2M action....yummmmmmm!
12/9/12--video fine here--cd do well w/out the tats but both are hunks,w/ Joni perhaps taking the palm.
These guys are lovers. They care about each other. They know each other the way loving partners know each other. That's why they lovingly suck and swallow their lover's nectar of life.
@shacker741 - The videos seem to be playing okay at this time, if you are still having trouble please contact me directly at "" and I will be happy to help further.
One of the best I have ever seen!
Video is not playing.
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