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Valentin Petrov
June 15, 2013
Rating for this model: Valentin Petrov has been Rated 7.4 starsValentin Petrov has been Rated 7.4 stars Total Votes: 93
Photographer Rating: Valentin Petrov has been Rated 6.4 starsValentin Petrov has been Rated 6.4 stars  Total Votes: 77

Age:  35
Location:  Miami Beach
Job:  Pastry Chef
Hobby:  Gym
Sport:  Working Out
Food:  Organic
Music:  House & Pop
Produced by Morningwood Media
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With a thick Russian accent, Valentin shares a little bit about himself with us, and pretty soon, Valentin is up, naked, & sharing his thick Russian cock with us (and what a cock it is). Built like the proverbial brick sh*thouse, at 35 years of age, he definitely knows how to take care of himself. Once he's on his knees & begins fingering his hot, hairy hole, Valentin's & our precum begins.
Latest Comments:
hunky body, amazing cock, and cute... a very sexy man indeed!
More hot guys like this and pretty twink types, PLEASE!
Simple way to tell if they are cut or uncut... Look for the scar... no scar = uncut... funny, or odd looking ring or band below the head or somewhere along the shaft... snip-snip-snip... ;-) He's a bit chunky for my tastes but I'm glad Badpuppy has thrown in an older model instead of churning out more barely legal acne pocked bus shelter rejects.
@ dloving, might I suggest you look at pic ...b3370x141.jpg Valentin is most definitly uncut.
funtastique PACKAGE !
PS & B00: one lousy still photo w/ sperm & that shows it fallen into vy nearby place. But apology to busdriver: hadn't seen stills wh confirm that V. w/ such a fine, firm furry arse is indeed UNcut.
6/17/13-25:40--I also find Valentin quite a hunk BUT must diasgree a bit w/ busdriver (V doesn;t appears uncut here) & francois (cumming OK but not exceptional; V doesn't spew above his navel--wd love more velocity) Still & all I'd rate him 9 minus for fine assets all round. BUT find video way too long at over 26' and then quite disappointing that V cums only in last min; 'twould be fine to see him in afterglow w/ shrinking penis.
Suddenly I have an interest in the culinary arts. This man has the whole package, and I love the accent. I would not want to let this man out of bed at all. We would be making love 24/7 all the time. How could anyone not want to be with this man. I'm sure that after this video, Valentin will be getting lots of offers. Let me be the recipient of having this Conan Hunk all to myself. ("His Wish Is My Command")!!!!!
16 July Sweet guy. Nice cum shots!
Oh la la
Nice cock!
Excellent body, fantastic cock, great legs and good masculine looks. WOOF!
I think I'm in love. this is a very nice looking man with a great body nice ass with lots of hair and a great uncut cock that you could work on for hours. then you could take and eat the nice load. I think I want to go to Miami beach and fine this nice man.
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