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November 11, 2010
Rating for this model: AJ has been Rated 8.3 starsAJ has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 381
Photographer Rating: AJ has been Rated 7.3 starsAJ has been Rated 7.3 stars  Total Votes: 272

Age:  20
Location:  Daytona Beach, FL
Job:  Model
Hobby:  Surfing
Sport:  Surfing
Food:  Chicken Wings
Music:  Trance
Produced by Gio Caruso
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AJ is quite simply a beautiful guy. Stunning eyes, big cock and big balls. This young guy gives his all and we'll take it! AJ had a great time and we certainly hope to see more of him in the future, hopefully not alone!
Latest Comments:
I agree, garlee... I got to meet AJ at the Parliament House in Orlando last year for Gay Days, he is even more delicious in person!
Perfect in every way. Gorgeous body hair! My honey pot!
AJ is one very cute guy. I would have loved to have seen more of his pink ass hole spread wide for us guys to inspect. Other than that he is gorgeous !!
Limited exposure of his ass on this stunner - SHAME
wow... He can have me on my knees any time he wants.
dreamy lucas eyes from bel ami
Certainly a hot good looking boi here with a nicely well toned bod together with a fantastic cock.Great to see good pubes, pits and the hairy legs on this boi which adds up to a most desired look. Even the three tat "stars" go well here.....(and this Reviewer is not especially a lover of tats). Limited exposure to that hot looking ass hole which is a wee disappointment as what we see looks most inviting. Love the half beard on this boi too...completes a wonderful sexy look. Very nice cum shot the way AJ squeezes that very last drop and then fingers through all the way to his mouth...HOT! Another winner from the Caruso Studio!
Just to add a note of discord - I'd have given AJ a much higher rating if he'd have trimmed or even lost the body hair: Pubes included.
What a lad!! He's having it all: gorgeous dick and hanging balls, bushy pubes and hairy armpits. The photographer is also great. The angles he took for AJ showed the beauty of AJ body though no pics of his butthole. Still, I love AJ' body. He's really cute.
Great young puppy love the cum shot and moaning a keeper thanks Bob
Damn! This model is HOT! What a real cutie. Would have liked to see more of that beautiful butt though. This one is a keeper.
The body and dick to die for !
AJ is a keeper and a grower. Young pumped and always ready to blow. Hot!
WoW ! Au Natureale ! Fantastique ! very cute man ! very glad he didnt shave. luv his pubic hair, he looks very manly & sexy. i love this cute guy. AJ U look exceptionaly attractive & cute. However, u didnt show too much of ur asshole. i bit it is also lovely. Hope to see more of U.
A wet dream... and those balls are so hot!
it seems "somebody has been listening" !!! great layout,,,, well, almost... would have loved a few shots of AJs little butt hole.....If we're going to go "all the way" with these boys,, we need to see where it is we're going after all....
WOW!!! Other twinks NEED to take a lesson from this boys BEAUTIFUL and FUCKIN HOT PUBES.. Twinks/Men/Boys of the world STOP SHAVING!!!
Beautiful stud! Would have loved to see some of his brown eye!
Now that was nice to come home to! What a hottie.....
The Best. Ever. Where can one find more of this one??
Bravo! A young and hot stud. Great cock, wonderful balls and an enormous cum out.
Such a hot guy...but hate the tats...why do they do this when they have such a gorgeous body...
Thank you very much! AJ is one of the best!
Fantastic. Reason enough to move to Florida.
very nice!!!!!!!!
Very Hot!! Glad he doesn't shave. It so good to seea natural guy now days. Seeing a guy all shaved is lile looking at some whore. Keep the hair AJ, your hot with it.
What a professional AJ is, cute too! He should be the demo for all the other guys that don't have a clue how to put on a show.
now this is what to see in a model. Glad he still had his pubes and arm pit hair. It is so attractive and what we grow it for, to be admired.
SWEETASS boy! All that fur in all the right places and a tool to please anyone! More~~!!
Hot and sexy man. Good atheletic physique with smooth defined chest, lightly fuzzed legs and butt...and what a beautiful butt. Fantastic cock and balls that shoot a sweet load. Sensual eyes and a cute smile. This young man should last a long time. WOOF!
This guy is so cute. Luv his hairy pits and unshaved pubes. How cum no views of his luv hole?
AJ's got a lot to be proud of. Any movies?
Finally! A guy that doesn't shave his pubes or arm pits and is exceptionally attractive as well. Yes, let us see some more of AJ.
wow ! sexy guy,more please
check out that NATURAL body hair n pubes!
He's a cute guy from head to toe!
I've always enjoyed him on brokestr8boy
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