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Conner Stevens
January 14, 2010
Rating for this model: Conner Stevens has been Rated 6.6 starsConner Stevens has been Rated 6.6 stars Total Votes: 258
Photographer Rating: Conner Stevens has been Rated 3.4 starsConner Stevens has been Rated 3.4 stars  Total Votes: 152

Age:  37
Location:  Jacksonville, Fl
Job:  Dancer
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Football
Food:  Steak
Music:  Hard Rock
Produced by Gio Caruso
Blond hair, blue eyed, buff hunk Conner Stevens starts off strong, stripping down to his tighty whities. He then pushes his briefs down just far enough to let his hard dong flop out over the waistband. He flips over onto his knees, pushes his cock and balls through the back of his legs and shows off his perfectly smooth bubble butt.
Latest Comments:
Conner is one ruggedly handsome gentleman ! incredibly gorgeous cock w/ beautiful balls. great smooth clean body. nice smile. beautiful manhole and a nice cum. love this guy.
What fucking HOT youngman. Handsome, too ! NOW, this is one beautiful clean gorgeous body. Beautiful ass, too. love this guy. will surely keep warm in bed.
Shaved ass - well its a NO from me
wish Conner could fuck me now
For a 'mature' 37 year old,Connor has a lot going for him...blond, blue-eyed hunk, nicely muscled, smooth bod ,looks like completely shaved...(although this Reviewer prefers at least a dusting of hair) and a good thick piece of meat which produces a good cum shot. Agree, he really does appear to be enjoying himself and this is a "fun shoot"!
This guy has really nice body and straight cock.
Conner is one freakin' hot dude! I would surely luv that amazing cockhead shoved deep down my eager throat!!
Conner is a hottie, no matter what his age is, he has a hot body and a nice dick and he may dump his load with me any time, be it once, twice or five times a day, preferably oral!!
A hot stud!
Great looking dude - no matter what his ages is! Could have been more verbal. His parts could dance all over me more than once!
what a hot, fucking hot guy
Is this guy Gomer Pyle or what!!
i think he's kinda hot... what a great body.. this was fun.. looks like he enjoyed himself also.
Connor is an ordinary guy with an ordinary dick who enjoys himself. Good camera.
Nothing wrong with the older guys. Looking back the young ones are still the big majority. Conner won't win many beauty contestants but he has a very desirable body and would keep me warm at night.
Gio Caruso is sliding back into his old patterns of not shooting any soft shots. That is too bad. He did so good for awhile.
Cum cum, we're not all twinks! Now don't get me wrong, I like the twinks as much as the next guy, but for many of us also like to see what's on offer from the guys who're closer to us in age.
this site is becoming more and more an older models' porn site...
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