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January 12, 2006
Rating for this model: Cypher has been Rated 7.2 starsCypher has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 682
Photographer Rating: Cypher has been Rated 4.3 starsCypher has been Rated 4.3 stars  Total Votes: 38

Age:  22
Location:  Cleveland,Ohio
Job:  Newspaper delivery
Hobby:  BMX Racing
Sport:  Bmx
Food:  Taco Bell
Music:  Foo Fighters
Produced by Mayhem North
Latest Comments:
really, i was looking for this guy all over, since i saw him in a club! can we have more info please!
A sweet piece of boymeat! A 10 on my dickter scale and from what is shown off - nice everything! More please!
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