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December 6, 2008
Rating for this model: Hunter has been Rated 8.1 starsHunter has been Rated 8.1 stars Total Votes: 571
Photographer Rating: Hunter has been Rated 5.6 starsHunter has been Rated 5.6 stars  Total Votes: 104

Age:  18
Location:  Indianapolis, IN
Job:  Lifeguard
Hobby:  Biking, Swimming, Running
Sport:  Pro Cycling
Food:  Spaghetti and Meatballs
Music:  Classic Rock
Produced by Corkscrew Media
Straight out of Indianapolis, this eighteen-year-old lifeguard is enough to make you drool and pant for more! Hunter is ripped and tanned from head to toe, and just wait until he pulls his jock shorts down. His naturally hairy bod, rock hard cock and puckered asshole will get your mouth wet and your pecker stiff.
Latest Comments:
Wonderful hairy man ! Love all whit him.He makes me horny ! Not this shaved girls all over the placees
Oh to be 21 or 22 again I would tear that up!
Absolutely stunning sexy hunk.I could lick all of his beautiful body and suck that cock dry of all his cum.Been on a few sites one with less body hair but just as good.Prefer him hairy thought.Good looker with a killer smile.Hunter where are you want more and more of you.He is quite good at topping guys too.Fuck me anytime.
Outstanding body, beautiful cock and fantastic cum shot, hot ass and sexy looks. WOOF!
What a stud!!!+++
Man i love this masculine Man. Hair on the right places. Gorgeous cock and a very nice ass. Body to die 4 ! AND a beautiful cum.
Wow. Between the cock-wiggling, balls bouncing, and then the powerful spasms around his cock-root as he came, all I got from this is what a total perv I actually am! Loved it.
Shame awesome sights like Hunter get so rare nowadays - I've no idea why he is a stunning looking M A N
He's sexy hot lad .. He's an absolute turn-on. I love those hairy armpits.
He has a wonderful broad chest with just the right amount of hair. He explodes when he cums shooting off like a geyser.
Hunter is one of the VERY exciting guys!! He has a treasure of a VERY exciting penis!!! From the first pictures to the last ones AMAZING HORNY HOT shots!!!! All one of those best badpuppy models and an incredibly EXCITING masturbation!!!!
My first love came from Indy so I know hunter is the king of the bed
The creme de la creme of badpuppy videos.
World class ass
yummy raunchy ass!!
Simply a fantastic hot boi here and for only 18, great overall development which is nice to see. Beautiful upper body,good definition and ripped abs and beautiful back as well. Nice to see the hairy chest,nice trail and good pubes.Nice hot ass too. Beautiful thick cock on this boi makes a mouth water...and what a terrific load. A winner indeed... worthy of a high rating!
Not really a face man, but his looks do grow on you. The rest of him is outstanding. One of the best vids I've seen . I could watch that gorgeous ass squeeze for hours.
The cum shot is well worth the wait. This guy really uncorks one.
OMG this guy is a 10+ Great pecs, ball sac, and that cock...yum! And what about that cum shot; god I wish all these guys were that into shooting cum all over the place...LOL. HOT boy next door.
Hunter may not be the most handsome model but still looking good and he sure is the most real! Great smile, great physique, great cock. Very personable. Among the best performances I have ever seen of all the badpuppy models. I give Hunter a 10+ and a 10 for the photographer.
Indeed, a very hot boy with a nice body and great endowment... High!
Hunter is great. Nice body hair, trim little nuts and great getting off shots. I go for him.
Perfect! No piercings or ink to spoil the natural body. And hair that a really masculine guy like him should show if he has it. A 10 all the way!
All over, handsome and desirable. Sexy face and lips,chest and tits, nicely haired body (appetising), but some monster cut his cock. Must have been a glory when it had its foreskin -even cut it still is juicy and inviting. I could suck there contentedly for hours. Not nearly enough cum for such a young strong fine lad. I need several times more boy-cream to be deeply happy. Nonetheless, I lick and chew at all of his body and its endowments.
Great to see some hair. It is about time!!! Need more hairy guys.
exceptionnal.BEAUTYFUL Totally my type. I regret only one thing : NOT ENOUGHT guys like that on badpuppy site.
Beautifull real man with great smile and perfect body. LOVE the ass-crack hair.
The best! A real heartland regularjoe youth whose sheer godgiven talent makes it all look so easy. A star!
What a fine this Hunter is and at 19 WHOW!! Good overall definition which is exceptional for one so young.Lovely hairy chest (really like)- just enough. Congrats to Corkscrew Media Group for this wonderful presentation. Keep "em" cumming!
Other than for the hair, a fine looking model! (Oh, well, we all have our prejudices - and I did rate him highly.) I agree with our colleagues: His age is surprising.
hes hot! I could suck his dick all night-great hairy hole to lick!
You've found a real keeper with this guy. That face, those eyes, that body...and what a dick!!! A work of art. Keep them cumming...
At last a Badpuppy model with some body hair! Looks like a man should look. Good muscular body, good cock and balls.
He could have his way with me any time he wanted!
Hot, sexy young man with great body. Explosive cumshot. Nice to see body hair even if trimmed.
Sorry, he's 18. Even more unbelievable!
This kid has a great body and a really nice prick. Ass isn't bad either. A good amount of hair for me. His only flaw is that in a number of the poses he really isn't good looking. But in others, with his mouth shut and the right look, he is. Oh, well, can't have every thing, i guess. And, I can't believe he's only 19!
An American wonderboy, so perfect. Thanks.
Hunter is only 18 but boy how hot he is aa I came all over the key boad. His chest is well defined and just enough hair to turn me on. His cock balls and bum are just right. Loved th pictures Deano
Only 18! This model is exemplary. just the right amount of definition, chest hair, nice cock size. Nothing overdone, nothing underdone. Handsome and looks more mature. Congrats to who found him, the photographer, and everyone connected with this choice.
Hunter is remarkable. His body is great and just the right amount of hair. Great chest, great ass, beautiful balls and a cock that just won't quit. Did I forget anything?
Hunter can cum over to my forest anytime!
I love to be "hunted" by Hunter. Great body, great hair, perfection!!!
He is nice. Liked all that hair and those arm pockets.
Handsome and nicely proportioned - you can tell he cares about that body and if he is looking for worship....glad to see hair too and nice stiffy with a juicy end! Happy he shared with us!
Interesting for once to have a model who looks older than he says. Plenty the other way round! Imagine being rescued from the water by this guy.
That chest and those abs said WINNER from the start
Bingo! A handsome, unshaved, well built model. And the photoshoot was done well. The guy showed himself off generously. Thank you.
The model is terrific, most of them are. The photo shoot stinks, as did corckscrews last offering.
Well developed body for 18,almost perfect.The shoot was too long,and not well thought out.
the perfect guy!
Wow...body hair perfected!
well worth a trip to Indianapolis
most def a keeper would love to eat that up ass and mouth !! sexy guy ! nice cock and cum shot !
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