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March 12, 2011
Rating for this model: Salvador has been Rated 7.2 starsSalvador has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 227
Photographer Rating: Salvador has been Rated 6.2 starsSalvador has been Rated 6.2 stars  Total Votes: 165

Age:  26
Location:  Argentina
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Running
Sport:  Running
Food:  Pot Roast
Music:  All Music
Produced by Gavin Lowe
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Salvador is a slim, hairy, sex demon. This guy is so hot he scorches up the screen. With his sultry looks, hot body and beautiful cock he's simply irresistible! We really like him and hope to see even more.
Latest Comments:
What a beautiful body all over! And when he cums he does it with plenty of gusto. Love those Argentinians.
Every bit the handsome Latin lover! Love that smile!
Salvador is a delight, very sexy very sensual nice nipples hair in the right places. A beautiful incredible man ! nice asshole and beautiful ass shots. LOVE this Argentinian !
And again: He is very sexy. I like him.++
A wonderful hairy stud. Great ass and fuckable cock. Please more hot hairy guys.
Salvador ... is so lovable very sensual. it was a delight to view his video again. loved it. quench my sexual appetite !!!
This is certainly one very hot "mature boi" and what a pleasure to Review.The dark features accentuate that sexy hairy body and the natural hair growth...from the top of the head to the bottom is simply outstanding! Just love it all.. the chest,great legs and a beautiful hairy hole that keeps begging for deep attention. Not to be forgotten is a lovely hard cock and what a treat it would be to deep throat and taste that most acceptable load. Yes, this boi appears to have it all...topped off with that very sexy beard really adds to the overall beauty.....simply perfection!
...if it wasn't for the models looks (7), I would of been bored by the photography (1) and photographers lack of imagination - that has got to be the worse photo shoot ever. How can you take a decent looking model and make him seem dull... @@
Don't ANYbody tell Salvador the many uses of a razor! He's got such a healthy distribution of manfur! Hope he never loses it!
What's not to like w/ Salvador? I love natural fur and he certainly has that & hasn't shaved it. Prefer uncut, but hey, his cock is a real stiff stander w/ well defined balls (also a plus)& gives us a REAL cum shot--only sorry that he wipes it up relatively soon thus removing from our lingering gaze--but, hey again, no doubt scrumptious taste. Show us more of him--what about w/ a delectable blonde or red head!!!
Hot, hairy & hung with an asshole ripe for rimming. Salvador is magnificent. I would luv to lick the cum from his amazing cockhead then suck him hard for anotherload!!!!
A good specimen of masculinity with all that body hair. Definitely a sexy guy!
I wonder why my negative comments never get posted??? ken
Those bedroom eyes!! I definately wouldn't turn down a night of fucking him. Love his hairy pits too. Thanks Badpuppy for finally showing us a hot guy that isn't just all muscle!
So cute every part of him. Want to see more dark and hairy guys. Would cuddle him forever.
Perfect in every way. Love the hair that goes nonstop from his pubic area to his beautiful hairy legs. I want to lick every inch of him
great torso, but needs lots of chest and bicep work
i like fit and hairy body, nice cock and balls too
Definitely irresistible. sexy sensual looks. Slim body, beautiful cock/balls, exotic hairy chest w/ nice nipples, nice pubes w/ sultry demon looks surely capture my attention. AND that ass is just very nice. feel like licking it. nice ass shots. it surely turned me on & made me so horny. luv it !
This guy puts the sex in sexy. What a great find for the site. Everything about him makes me drool!
At least the hair is clipped and the balls are cleanly smooth. Sexy body that would be sensual to hold while sliding in and out of that sweet butt.
Not at all the kind of guy I'm normally attracted to, but this guy is one of the sexiest models you've ever had. Very suckable cock and, very, very fuckable ass.
Salvador this guy is just perfect. what a nice body and a great hairy chest. I would love to lick him from head to his toes. Also great ass that you could lick for hours. Sure would like to see more of him. also would like to see him with other guys.
I dont normally go for hairy men. But there is something about Salavador that turn me on. He is so fuckable
so fuckable.
This guy is perfect. he has a great body and is really into getting off. Love his body and the hairy chest really turns me on. He is definitely a 10.
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