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July 19, 2008
Rating for this model: Seth has been Rated 7.1 starsSeth has been Rated 7.1 stars Total Votes: 480
Photographer Rating: Seth has been Rated 4.8 starsSeth has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 72

Age:  24
Location:  San Antonio, TX
Job:  Sales
Hobby:  Concerts
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Steak
Music:  Tim McGraw
Judging by the size of his horse cock, things must grow bigger is Texas! Seth's sultry eyes and killer smile will knock your boots right off of your feet. His dirty blond, closely trimmed chest hair fits his tight country boy's body perfectly. He's a natural at kickin' his heels up and pulling his hole wide open... this is Southern hospitality at it's finest.
Latest Comments:
HOT ! All his parts would taste great - would liked to have more shots of that ass but hey, make me beg! Beautiful eyes to stare into! Hate to steal the comment but couldn't have said it any better.
Baby if I were 20 years younger, I'd work this dick!
Too bad they cut half his dick off as an infant!!
Reiterating that the cum shot may be fake, altho it looks for one moment as if there cd be ONE DROP for ONE MOMENT at the slit on his penis in the vid. The handsome hulking Guy is worth looking at anyway but certainly wd be nice to see him give us real splooge in a remake. We also need to see more of his butt/hole for all that this vid was over 10 mins long. TRY AGAIN w/ Seth, BP staff--he'd is worth the effort. Than I'd rate him a 10 whereas now only 8.
Love that hole which is ripe for licking.
Instead of lamenting that this gorgeous hunk is cut (I also prefer un/) or that his chest is trimmed (I also like 'em naturally furred) why has no one else mourned the fact that we don't really see Seth CUM?!! The stupid photographer shows us that his neck blushes and that his hips thrust up but we don't see a real spurt. Yes, they do grow big is TX, but I was counting on a man sized ejaculation to top things off. Still have to award him a 9 for smile and size.
This gorgeous man is hot! First I want to rim his adorable hole deeper and longer than he's ever been rimmed before, then I want that incredible cock in my mouth and down my throat until I feel his pulsing load filling me over and over again! 10 ++
A nice boy...
Nice lad with much promise. But with cut cock, even though it is a fairly big one, the interest fades. Lovely face and fine eyes and sensuous mouth, but not enough to hold my interest beyond a one noght stand.
Check out pic #12. Jeez, I could munch on that ass all day.
Very handsome, great chest and abs, cute face, etc. BUT, would loved to see his puckerhole!
HOT ! All his parts would taste great - would liked to have more shots of that ass but hey, make me beg! Beautiful eyes to stare into!
super sexy and masculine and above all very natural. I love his hands and dick. give 10
He is gorgeous, but shame that dusting is not aloud to be in full bloom
Seth, You are yummy sexy, I love that dusting of hair on your chest, those hazel eyes, call me to your bedroom, I would not say no…Then in the morning I would kiss you all over…Well we can dream Ray
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