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Tim Nash
May 6, 2010
Rating for this model: Tim Nash has been Rated 8.5 starsTim Nash has been Rated 8.5 stars Total Votes: 361
Photographer Rating: Tim Nash has been Rated 4.8 starsTim Nash has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 246

Age:  23
Location:  Scotland
Job:  Model
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Trance
Produced by Justin Bloom
Beefy stud Tim Nash bares it all, showing off his muscular physique, uncut cock and hairy hole... all with a seductive stare. He bends over, like every horny boy should, to spread his bubble butt, then he jacks his rock hard tool, squeezing the jiz out across his abs.
Latest Comments:
Thanks so much dloving forgot all about this one such a real treat compaired to what we have suffered thru recently. This can make cum again and again. Thanks again
8/27//13--well worth revisiting Tim on a hot & vy humid Aug. day in DC. Others have already nailed it: no asset lacking esp not the arse dept. Hairy but not too excess cf. Walter Uwe.
Very nice 'Scotsmen' all the way around. Good photography, nothing omitted from his blue eyes to his inviting love hole. Natural look. Thanks Tim Nash and Badpuppy. Patrick
I'll take the high road with him any day!
7/26/13--still mighty bonnie, Tim; wd love to see MORE of him in every sense !!
jake cruise?? noooooooo
A real Scots-man!+++
Can get a bit cold up there in Bonnie Scotland, but judging on TIM, they breed hardy good stock up there - G O R G E O U S
Would love to see him in a kilt. he would be soooooooo sexy!!!!!!!
gedwa822 ask's what do Scotsman wear under there kilt. There pride and family jewels.
OH MY GOODNESS! What a hot man. I'm not usually into the "Sharpe" guys, but I would have to make an exception with this one. Great body, face, and ass with exceptional delivery.
What a beautiful stud!
Not a damn thing do they wear under their kilt (normally; who knows, maybe the royals go in for a little extra protection) & bonnie simply means handsome (like a lad) or beautiful (like a landscape). L gather from other posts that Tim has been around but he & his cum are bonnie enuf that this doesn't bother me a bit--a super hi 10 & bring him back maybe in a duo w/ a Caledonian blonde or red head--Scotland is known for them !!
Absolute perfection - I am speechless.
I knew that I recognized this boi...and thanks "Ventrue" for the info here....."Brenden Sharpe" on Jake Cruise of course! Yes...certainly one hot good looking boi we have here...fantastic body and so good to see the hairy legs,nice pits and simply a fantastic hairy ass which has to be the number one asset. Oh my ...what a treat that would be to explore deeply with tongue and cock as Jake Cruise has experienced. Add together a great cock supplying not a bad cum shot (although not all that impressive as he can do better) which all sums up to a winning photo shoot here and very near perfection! Simply a great addition to Badpuppy!
Better known as Brenden Sharpe for Jake Cruise & SG4GE and Will Mason for English Lads and even more names for a few other sites. Great model! Very sexy with nice everything, save for the trimming/shaving.
perfect! dream man! pure hott!
this guy is fucking hot!!!! fantastic body, cock, balls, and best of all. his hairy ass.. even a great smile.. and the pictures/video were very good.. loved the view out the windows.. he is one of the best!! thanks
One handsome stud from the land of kilts...couldn't be sweeter unless he was sitting in my chair flashing me - great parts and so nice to see fur in all the places that it should be on - bonnie lad for sure-10
Two questions have been answered here. 1, why is Bonnie scotland so named. and 2, what do Scotsmen have under their kilts! A truly delicious young man and decently (or even indecently)photographed.
Beefy dimwit with pretty eyes and a clean hole...that's about all I need. the beautiful land out the windows makes for a nice farm boy fantasy setting as well.
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