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March 5, 2009
Rating for this model: Zane has been Rated 7.0 starsZane has been Rated 7.0 stars Total Votes: 336
Photographer Rating: Zane has been Rated 4.4 starsZane has been Rated 4.4 stars  Total Votes: 48

Age:  19
Location:  Chicago
Job:  Model
Hobby:  Music
Sport:  Boxing
Food:  American
Music:  Lil Wayne
Produced by Corkscrew Media
Zane is hot, prepped and ready to stroke it! This sexy stud shreds his Abercrombie gear for something much less confining. With his boyish good looks, smooth tanned bod and touchable ass, he shows it all off getting his cock rock hard. He grabs his massive tool and pulls a liquid load out onto his hot-as-hell tattoo.
Latest Comments:
8/27/13--Zane ain't the most exciting kid we've on BP but most I think wouldn't show him the door. That cum had velocity enuf to reach his nip--much more impressive than many "dribblers" seen here recently !!
Can't get vy excited but IF he straight as he says, he can really twitch that cock even inside his girl and put the sperm deep in there.
Here's a str8 guy that just needs a beer or two and a cock up his ass and he would shoot cum to the roof. Very nice cock, chest, ass, balls, love it.
zane is beautiful to look at and admire, BUT he is also one boring little f'er. he seemed distracted and bored with himself. was probably deciding on what crappy tat he would get with his cum cash (& i usually love the ink). on a side note, the earring looks rather cute on him, imo.
Average overall. Nice cum shot, though.
I found Zane to be a cute kid, but not really all that hot looking. Nice body and dick. All told, he would be pretty far down on my list of guys I'd like to do it with from this site, even of twinks.
He is just 19 guys, give him a chance and he just may surprise all of us! i liked him and my prefernce is usually the nipples, i m also not one for piercings myself! hes a total hottie and admired his nipples as did some of my buddies! At 19 years old all of us r just starting out and trying to make money wherever! take care guys and ill c u here on Badpuppy, ttyl
Sorry, the tummy tattoo ruins it for me.
A very handsome face but the earring does nothing for him. tolerable body, cock and balls -but no excitement. The tatoo too does nothing for him. His eyes are beautiful and gentle. He should not be in porn.
He works for me........totally a HOTTIE
omg.....zane is HOTTTT and totally amazing....let him come over and have some hot fun with me i'd gladly worship him from head to toe and back again!!!!
Awww, you guys are terrible! I generally prefer guys with a little hair, too, and his tattoo is distracting, but Zane is cuter than hell with a fit body, great cock and smile, pretty face...cut him some slack... :-) I like what I see, anyway!
hairless and hopeless
No excitement............... just getting some cash on a down down.
Next time he is bored on a Tuesday night I suggest he spend some time at the gym.
Poor shoot. didn't do much for me.
Fit body but a little too precious.
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