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March 8, 2008
Rating for this model: Kyle has been Rated 8.2 starsKyle has been Rated 8.2 stars Total Votes: 812
Photographer Rating: Kyle has been Rated 6.0 starsKyle has been Rated 6.0 stars  Total Votes: 152

Age:  20
Location:  Zellwood, FL
Job:  Convenience Store
Hobby:  Video Games
Sport:  Racing
Food:  Burger King
Music:  Carrie Underwood
Produced by Orlando Models
Completely comfortable outdoors, this eager twink is ready to tear it all off and shakes things up. Kyle drops his pants and whips out his long rod in the back of a pick-up truck. Tug after tug, the harder he gets, he pulls out a creamy finish then licks it up like a good 'ol boy.
Latest Comments:
Adoreable soooo Hot & he ate his own cum so he knows hes cute ; probably looks like his mother ... Kyle is Awesome !!! I like the way he showed off his butt / hole ... means the step dad broke him in properly hehe oxo kyle love ya babe !!!
I wonder where Kyle is near on five years after his shoot?
Adorable studpuppy with sensual smooth body, beautiful cock and balls, sweet ass and sexy smile. WOOF!
After so many years he still takes my breath away
fuck i blew all over the screen
Very more than beautiful !
One of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen. I'am missing a closeup from his face.
Give us more photo's & video of Kyle, he is a perfect example of twinkdom at it's finest!
The worlds perfect fuck, top or bottom.
This is your hottest twink model.
Kyle is beautiful. I first came across this video a couple of years ago. And he still is my ultimate twink! I can just keep on watching him for hours!
Kyle is just amazingly cute in so many ways.
I would have loved to clean him up after he blew his cum and then filled his lovely hole up with my trobbing cock and repeat the dose everyday
Well, yes, Kyle is moderately handsome, can't believe he is really 20 already; the stills do show him flacid as well as erect and a good cum shot FOR STILLS. BUT, the video is poor in NOT showing a clear view of his jacking up much less his cumming---send Orlando folks a remedial kit on how to film the crowning moment--we all want to see the man/kid CUM, spurt for us--how much (not much w/ Kyle) and how far. Rating him a 7 but the vid minus 3.
Fuck it. I'm moving to Fla. probably to the Zellwood area..... Sweeeet!
Kyle is beautiful. Great cock and would love to spend a weekend in his truck or mine. Nice loose balls waiting to be sucked. His smile and eyes say yes! Being cut shows his real personality and inosence!I'd give him a 15!
lovely boy i could suck his cock anytime
This guy is way hot. His flim clip is hot, too. Give me a weekend with this stud! WOW.
so beautiful
Would love to spank those pretty buns then kiss him better, nibbling on those sweet little tits, snogging those lips then rimming his butt. Horny young boy, spunk in my mouth anytime.
one word HOT number 10
He does not get only 10+ or 11+ but VERY best dear Kyle will get my 12+! And also for being cut which makes his penis even more beautiful as it is right now! So I'm very glad he's not uncut and all the better. The cumshot is taken so very exciting and exceptionally good!
Sexy Blond boy, what I would like to do to him on that truck
A crime - some collector got to that foreskin and cut it off for his display before badpuppy could record the foreskin covered prick for the ages. Still a msgnificent tool, but lacking its crowning splendor. A pretty boy with the greatest sex appeal. Wouldn't mind a week or two alone with Kyle. Sure would love to taste his cream after working his balls for an age to make sure there was a terrific flow of jism. Can almost feel the cum explosion in my mouth.
very young and sweet...
very sexy & beautiful
Exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is there not to adore about this stud; I love the time in which it took him to become naked, his reluctance to smile, his camera work and his cock. He's an 11 if ever there was one.
I'm in love!!!
super sexy but i m afraid he should be minor. I hope badpuppy check correctly the age of the models
Kyle is so cute, with an amazing tight body and beautiful cock. I joined badpuppy just to see this video, and I'm not disappointed! Definite 10!!!
The face of an angle. The dick of a stallion. Smooth tight body. What a little stud.
Kyle is so sweet . A natural . More please !
10+! Very cute! If he was uncut 11+! Love him =)
i am stone butt in love please ndo more video
Isn't he lovely
he makes a great screen saver
number 10 you win cute cute cute
This kid should be making action video's...he is really cute....
this boy is so hot
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