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November 13, 2004
Rating for this model: Latislav has been Rated 7.2 starsLatislav has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 637
Photographer Rating: Latislav has been Rated 4.1 starsLatislav has been Rated 4.1 stars  Total Votes: 45

Age:  18
Location:  Costa Rica
Job:  Soccer Coach/Student
Hobby:  Soccer
Sport:  Anything Outdoors
Food:  Chicken Ceaser Salad
Music:  Seether
Produced by Skooki
Latest Comments:
a hot guy, but it sure would have been nice to have had some more vivid ass shots!
For those who thought Latislav's second shoot was hot, I thought I'd bring this better shoot of him to the for. And yes he's hot in that geekish twink style, though it's a shame about the ink work.
Horrible video.Than goodness for the photos that show a boyish sensuality and a lovely body and a superb dick.14 min of dick.
I am surprised there have been no comments here! While the video was a terrible disappointment, the stills made up for it and I viewed them three times. Although he looks young, his cock is more like that of an older person. Cum load was small but sufficient Too bad others did not take the time to see this young guy do his stuff! I have to add -- in the video, way too much time was spent on the teasing aspect.
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