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A guy sees a super attractive model’s picture gallery on a gay website and gets a most awesome case of the hornies.
I kept smelling that maleness scent from him as we worked out, and anytime I was close enough to sniff I filled my nasal passages with that scent.
He put his tongue deep into my mouth and his fingers deep into my ass. I shivered with pleasure.
Strange the chemistry that takes place between kissing cousins!
There was something so hypnotically horny about taking it slow and letting his ass call the shots...
With each thrust of his slippery cock between my hot sweaty crack, my virginal asshole hungered to be penetrated.
My spooge shot from my hard cock to land across my chest and abs, a streak of white across that muscled expanse and ending just at my shoulder.
I was making a knuckle-duster out of my hand and fist-fucking him, fast and furious.
A young arrogant athlete discovers his manly side.
I sucked his dick till it dripped with pre-cum and lust and his tongue found my undiscovered love button and drove me ape shit with desire to feel his dick inside me.

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Fuzzy Lines

by Barringer

They say there’s often a ‘fuzzy line’ between being straight and being gay.