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Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays and Happy Jerking!!!
Whimpering and moaning... My hot straight-looking neighbor was actually moaning at what my moist mouth and foraging fingers were doing to him.
They were like small mangoes and just as sweet, the skin tightly stretched over them. I learned a guy’s scrotum tends to tighten up when he cums.
I wanted to wet him down, not dry him off, especially as my mouth was dripping drool, but I followed his lead and satisfied both our needs.
HOT action on the dude ranch!
He groaned when my cockhead found his prostate and then, as I moved slowly in and out of his warm, tight hole...
He took one last, long drag on my intoxicated dick as if he was sucking a smoothie through a straw and then stood up and kissed me.
I enjoyed the sensation of him unbuttoning my shirt in the dark and pulling my pants down over my hardening dick.
A job interview turns out to be a HOT and HORNY adventure!!
...his fingers went to work on my butt and followed where his tongue had mapped out the way.

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Fuzzy Lines

by Barringer

They say there’s often a ‘fuzzy line’ between being straight and being gay.