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I'd force him to take my sperm...
...the idea of such attention being paid to his smooth tight collegiate body began to make his cock swell.
"Oh fuck!" I yelled as my cock exploded at his touch. He stroked it, milking every drop as he continued to fuck me.
Tom's tongue found it's way between John's ass cheeks and he began probing the hole with it, licking and inserting it in as far as he could.
Jason is a cute boyish stud with blond hair, blue eyes, nicely built smooth chest, ribbed abs, and a thick 7-inch cock with hairless low-hanging balls.
Two hot guys wrapped up in their exercise routine go head to head!!
Three hot athletes work it out hard... on each other!!
Josh's cock twitched at the tone of Matt's voice and the slight sting in his tight ass.
I lay on top of him and felt a rock-hard cock pressing against my groin.
My cock started to bulge inside my own low-rise briefs behind the buttons of my skin-tight 501's.

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Fuzzy Lines

by Barringer

They say there’s often a ‘fuzzy line’ between being straight and being gay.